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External Oak Vestibule Frame for Direct Glazing

Solid Malaysian Oak Vestibule Frame, weathersealed flat pack, for trimming on site to suit your opening.

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This Flat Pack solid Malaysian Oak Vestibule door frame is an ideal choice for use with one of our External Oak Doors, where you have an opening with a sidelight or sidelights.

It comes flat packed and you can set the outer frame wiodth to your opening size, and trim to suit either 1 or two sidelights.

The benefit this frame has is that it comes with 600mm false bottom rails which you can trim to suit the actual size of your opening before fitting into the vestibule. This allows you to direct glaze the opening adjacent to the door to suit your individual size.

This frame is a maximum width with two sidelights of 2200mm when using a 33" wide door. 

The frame is a maximum width with 1 sidelight of 1600mm when using a 33" wide door.

Given all the components are manufactured from solid timbers trimming in height and width of all components by a qualified joiner is simple.

This frame set includes:

1. 2 x Frame Jambs

2. 2 x Mullions

3. 2 x 600mm False Bottom rails ( to allow direct glazing )

4. 1 x Head section 2400mm 

5. 1 x 134mm sill section 2400 long.

6. Enough Water bar for doors/sidelights to prevent ingress.

7. Enough weatherseal for door frame rebate.

8. Beading set for direct glazing the sldelights.

This set gives you a proper joiner solution for most external vestibule frame type openings, with plenty of flexiblity to reduce down to circa 1200mm with a smaller 762mm door whislt still achieving a 300mm glazed side panel. Pleas enote that after assembly the frame needs decoarting fully. We always recommend lightly tinted stains to harmonise any colour variation between components and doors.

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