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Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Whether you're looking to let the outdoors in or adjust your room layout, bifold doors will transform your house into the home you want. If you're looking for premium bifold doors that are designed to last, then you're in the right place. Our bifolds benefit from advanced security with multi-point locking systems, are thermally efficient, extremely durable and aside from the practical, they come in a variety of styles so we have doors to suit everyone's tastes.

Internal Bifold Doors

Internal Bifold Doors

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£ 111.99 - £ 1,409.00

External Bifold Doors

External Bifold Doors

Prices from:
£ 1,759.00 - £ 5,599.00

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External Bifold Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£1959.00 - £3949.00

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The Climadoor Bifold Doors Range

Bifold doors are a series of single panel doors joined together that fold back when open. They typically contain large glass panels which add transparency to your home. Used both internally and externally you can either separate open plan living spaces, without losing your sense of space, or allow natural light to beam in on warm weather days. However, you plan to use them, they are sure to bring a wealth of benefits to your home.

From primed to painted, clear glass to frosted, three to six panels; whatever your property type, you'll find something you love in our range. Whether you're shopping for a new build, gathering ideas for your extension, or want to add a touch of modernity to your refurbishment, we can cater to all needs.

What are Bifold Doors?

Open Plan Living

Internal bifold doors can be used as room dividers in open plan living spaces or they can simply allow your home to communicate as you glance from room to room. Whether you want to create more space, or keep an eye on the children when in a different room, interior bifold doors can dramatically change the layout of your home with little effort. From bedrooms to cupboards they can be used in a variety of ways, and as they fold concertina style, they are less conspicuous than other door types.

Let Nature In

External bifold doors are a perfect way of letting nature into your home. The glass panels allow your home to breathe in natural light and marvel over the splendid outdoor views. Plus when summer strikes, turn off the air conditioning and enjoy that splendid natural breeze.

When buying doors for the outside of your property, although you want them to look good, you have to take into account many more factors:

Exterior bifolds have the style benefits but you will be glad to hear they are just as practical as standard doors too. The multi-point locking systems make them extremely secure, all our products have low U-values and are thermally efficient so you won't have to worry about heat escaping from your home, and weather resistant seals make sure the great British weather will be kept where it belongs, outdoors. Open up your home and enjoy the views with our bifold doors.

Bifold Door Options

As bifold doors can be used in many ways around your home, you have several options to choose from when making your purchase. We stock clear, frosted and panelled glass bifolding doors with a range of framing options so you can choose the style you prefer. We have several materials from aluminium and solid oak to UPVC.

We also have a variety of finishes from primed to painted so you can either let us do all the work or you can add your own personal touch. We stock a vast range of both internal and external bifold doors so you can choose exactly what you desire, because let's face it your house is your home and it should represent your family. Our doors also come without handles so you can match them to your current doors within your home. It's the little touches that you appreciate and we understand what our customers want.

Why Shop With Climadoor?

  • We manufacture as well as distribute our bifold doors. We've spent years discovering our customers needs and we've developed our product range based on their wants. As manufacturers we also know our products inside out, so if you have a question we're happy to help.
  • Our prices are realistic. Our products, despite their premium quality, come at affordable prices.
  • We have variety. You have all the options when shopping with Climadoor so you will be sure to find something to suit your home.
  • High quality products. Durable, stylish, secure, efficient are just some of the labels you can trust when shopping with Climadoor.

Questions about Bifold Doors

Which are better bifold or sliding doors?

The real is answer is that both bifolding doors and sliding patio doors offer different benefits. Bifold doors allow you to push back the doors to create the true "bring the outside in" feeling, making your home feel integrated with the garden. However, if you feel the summer months are limited and bifold doors may not be used to their full effect, sliding doors offer maxiumum glazing coverage. Created with 2 large panes of glass, the sliding door effect gives you easy access to the outside, should you need it.

How much do bifold doors cost?

The cost of bifold doors will depend on a number of factors, including the material they are made from, the size you need, and whether they are for internal or external use.

The most expensive material for external bifold doors is aluminium, with a rough starting price of around £2000 a set. Though it’s modern, high-quality appearance, impressive durability and lengthy lifespan all make a set of aluminum bifold doors a worthwhile investment.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, uPVC bifold doors offer a good comprise, starting at around £1500 a set. They likely won’t last as long as aluminium bifold doors, and may not have quite the same visual appeal but they will still provide excellent insulation and that all important functionality of bifolds.

Wooden internal bifold doors start at around £400 a set and can go up to around £1200, depending on configuration, style and finish.

External doors will always cost more than internal doors and this is the same with bifolds. This is because they go through a more complex manufacturing process as they need to provide impressive insulation and keep your home secure.

How do you dress bifold doors?

If you want to dress your bifold doors, then plumping for vertical blinds that open in the same direction as the doors is often the best option. Short of buying integrated blinds, which can be expensive, this type of window/door dressing is the least likely to get caught up in the workings of the door. This is a better option for outward opening doors.

However, many people choose to leave their bifold doors without curtains or blinds. The striking, minimalist appearance of doors can be diminished when soft furnishings are introduced, if however you'd prefer to have the option to close off from the outside world, a lightweight set of sheer voiles/curtains can help add that extra layer of privacy whilst keeping the fuss to a minimum and still allowing light to flow though. It's also worth considering that most bifolding doors will be almost full-height, floor to ceiling. This means there may not be space to attach a blind runner or curtain rail.

Are bifold doors a good idea?

There are many pros and a couple of cons to getting bifold doors. Whether they are a good idea for you will depend on what you’re looking for.

Bifold doors give the most size flexibility of all door options, as you can vary the number of panels as well as their size. However, if you’re looking to install a particularly large pair of bifolds, you will need to reinforce the opening as this type of door doesn’t have a frame to offer any support in their place. This is true of most folding door systems, but not usually a concern for French doors.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of natural light in your home as well as flip open-plan living into a more standard set-up when necessary but want to keep the intrusion of an open door to a minimum, bifold doors make a great choice.

Do bifold doors add value?

Of all external doors, it is thought that bifold patio doors can add the most value to your property.

This is because they can span the entire width of a wall, allowing you to completely change the configuration of your home at will. They bring a truly open plan feel to your home, allowing to turn two rooms into one and then separate them back out whenever you choose to.

This kind of flexibility holds a lot of appeal on the property market. Particularly if the spaces you are bringing together is a vibrant garden and your interior living space. This can be very desirable, and anything that makes a property more desirable will increase its value somewhat.

Of course, bifold doors will also show your home at its best even when their shut. Those big, bold glass panels will capture all the available natural light, making the inside space of your home feel a lot lighter and even a bit bigger. This will add to the appeal even more!

Which bifold doors are best?

It is impossible to pick a ‘best’ bifold door as their suitability will always depend on personal needs. However, when pushed, we would personally pick a set of sleek, modern anthracite grey aluminium framed bifold doors. And when it comes to best quality... of course we're going to say Climadoor!

The thermal break in the frames and the double glazed panels mean that our bifold doors are extremely energy-efficent. As aluminium is so durable and naturally corrosion resistant, they'll last for decades still working as well and looking as good as the day they were installed.

The powder coated finish of our doors is also easy to clean. The dark grey colour will also hide dirt, so you won’t notice every splash or smudge. It’s a soft shade that is very flexible - understated enough to fit a period property or crisp enough to suit a modern, minimalist look.

Last of all, the strength of aluminum means our bifold door frames have a narrower profile. This means more glass, in turn more light and more beautiful views out across the greenery of your outdoor space.

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