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French Doors

French Doors

French doors have remained a popular style choice for many since being introduced to the market. French doors offer an easy, attractive way to make your home feel more spacious and allow plenty of natural light to flow in. The trademark of French door sets is their large glass panels which open outwards. This allows you to create an open feel between spaces and immediately add a touch of European elegance.

Internal French Doors

Interior French doors are the ideal way to let light flood into your home, providing an attractive, classically designed, feature to your room. The stunning interior doors in our glazed French door range are available in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional, and a number of different sizes to suit your needs.

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External French Doors

External French Doors remain a favourite patio door style for many homeowners. Choose from aluminium or uPVC options with low E toughened double glazing & a robust multipoint locking system.

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External French Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Black

£1249.00 - £2289.00

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External French Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£1279.00 - £2199.00

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External French Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£1349.00 - £2299.00

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External French Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|White

£1279.00 - £2199.00

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The Climadoor French Doors Range

At Climadoor, we offer both interior french doors and external french doors so you can enjoy their benefits throughout your home, leading all the way out to the garden. Our French doors are available in a wide variety of designs, styles and openings, with a range of materials to choose from including uPVC French doors, engineered oak French doors and aluminium French doors. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, Climadoor has a French door set to suit.

French Patio Doors 

French patio doors are one of the most popular choices for external patio doors. External french doors allow you to flood your home with light by opening up the space between your living room, or kitchen, and garden. When most people think of French patio doors, they think of throwing them open to be met by the summer sun - allowing you to make the most of the warm weather with alfresco dining and maybe a glass of wine or two on the patio! Thanks to Climadoor’s low U-value ratings though, they’ll be just as beloved in the winter and are perfect for making the most of the limited natural light. 

A U-value rating relates to how effective your door’s glass insulation is. The lower the U-Value, the better the insulation. You’ll find all of Climadoor’s aluminium french doors and uPVC french doors have impressive U-Value ratings in a variety of designs, including the Industrial style doors. This means in the winter, you can still let in natural light and enjoy the view outside without worrying about the cold. 

Internal French Doors 

French doors aren’t just suitable as external doors! Internal french doors are an incredibly popular choice for those that want to keep an open-plan feel throughout their home, whilst still retaining some privacy. Internal french doors are a particularly popular choice when it comes to connecting the living room with other rooms, such as a dining room or home office. With a set of interior French doors, you can open them to create a single space or close them to keep two seperate spaces. 

Perfect for hosting parties, large family dinners and much more, interior French doors are super versatile. They allow more natural light to flow throughout your home, helping to make your space seem bigger and brighter without the need for major structural changes, whilst still allowing you to close off a space to make it all cosy if you’d like to.

French Doors Delivered To You

All of our French doors are available with free and fast mainland UK delivery. Why not make the most of this and mix & match the rest of the doors in your home? Checkout our other door ranges including single internal doors and hardwood front doors, to really give your home that wow factor.

Questions about French Doors

How much do French doors cost?

This all depends on the size, style and finish that you choose. Our range starts from as little as £350 for a small internal French door set. Our most expensive internal French doors are nearly £900, though these doors are fully finished and come with a set of sidelights to maximise the light flow between your rooms.

External French doors will always cost a little more. This is because they need to be robust enough to withstand the elements, and secure enough to withstand intruders. Your choice of material will have an impact on the cost of these doors, as uPVC French doors will cost a lot less than a set of aluminium French doors or Industrial style French doors, for example. Depending on the size and material you choose, our range runs from £650-£3500.

What's the smallest width for French doors?

The smallest width for French patio doors is actually quite wide, around 1190mm. This is because they come in pairs. So even two slim narrow doors will need a little bit of extra space.

When it comes to broader widths, French doors are a lot more flexible. As well as choosing wider doors, you can also add sidelights to your door system, which will make the doorway seem even broader. Our standard widest set of external French doors is just under 3m. Some of our products can however be made to measure, such as the Heritage style French door range.

Internal French doors aren't too desimilar, with a minimum width of 1122mm and the largest being 2996mm.

Are French Doors better than bifold doors?

Not necessarily better, but different. French doors can often be a more cost-effective option than bifold doors, while still sharing many of the benefits. The biggest difference is the aesthetics, many people prefer the more classic styling and functionality of French doors and will use them as a feature focal point in their home, whilst others prefer the space-saving aspect of bifold doors.

Their large glazed panels will let the sun shine throughout your home, helping your space feel lighter, larger and happier. They will also help you experience the space and flow of open-plan living, while also giving the option to protect your privacy with closed doors when necessary.

Whether you’re looking for internal French doors or external ones, there are plenty of benefits to installing them.

Can't decide between internal French doors or internal bifold doors? Why not check out our exclusive range of French folding doors, which combines the best of both styles into one unique door set.

Do French doors add value to your home?

Updating your doors is an easy way to add value to your house by helping it look fresher, smarter and maximising natural light.

Installing a set of French doors, can help to increase the value of your home as they create a sense of space by bringing two separate parts of your home together.

You can choose an external French door to brighten your home and help turn your garden into an extension of your living space. Alternatively, internal French doors will help bring two rooms together, letting energy and light flow between them - thus creating the illusion of a larger space.

Either way, they will bring a sense of open-plan living to your home and this will always increase its desirability. This, in turn, can increase its value.

Why is it called a French door?

French doors take their name from the country that dreamed up their design. Though, actually, their original French designers were inspired by Italian renaissance.

The technology of the time, meant that these large doors featured grid frames and many panes of glass to achieve those big, bright doors. But they still had the same benefits they do now: letting an abundance of light flood into homes and completely change the way they feel.

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