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Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors

If you’re looking for a sturdy and secure way to improve your patio, then our aluminium bifold doors are for you. Rigorously tested for security and energy efficiency, they're a great alternative to uPVC and wooden patio doors.

Available in sizes ranging from 1800mm (6ft) to 4800mm (16ft)

From £1,799.00 to £5,799.00

External Bifold Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£2599.00 - £5399.00

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External Bifold Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£1799.00 - £3699.00

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The Climadoor Range of Aluminium Bifold Doors

Designed to add a seamless, stylish transition from your garden to your indoor living space. Our exterior bifold doors are great for blending maximum light flow with class and allure.

Quality Aluminium Bi fold Doors Delivered To You


Aluminium patio doors offer a number of benefits to any home.

Just like other bi fold patio doors, they're perfect for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. They operate with a lead door that allows the complete door set to open up and fold away, giving you effortless operation and a versatile living area. You can also use a traffic door for easy access on a day to day basis.

Aluminium bifold doors are incredibly strong yet lightweight, allowing for larger panes of glass and slim sight lines. This design maximises natural light, creating bright, open spaces that feel connected to the outdoors. The strength of aluminium also provides enhanced security, giving you peace of mind that your home is well-protected.

Their durability is unmatched; aluminium is resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, ensuring your doors remain in pristine condition for years to come. This longevity means you’ll enjoy your investment without the frequent maintenance that other materials might require.

Finally, aluminium bifold doors add significant value to your home. Their modern design and functional benefits make them an attractive feature for potential buyers, enhancing the overall appeal and marketability of your property.


Our range of aluminium folding patio doors are available in widths from 1800mm to 4800mm, allowing you to make any space look unique and stylish. Bifold sliding doors are great for large door openings because you can create a seamless transition to your outdoor space. They work well in smaller spaces too, because they fold back on themselves when opened.


Available in black, anthracite grey or white, you can choose a bi fold door to suit your property. Sleek black frames offer a bold, modern statement, blending your indoor and outdoor spaces while adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Grey aluminium bifold patio doors offer the ultimate in contemporary chic, striking the perfect balance between bold and understated.

For those who favour a more traditional yet still stylish option, white frames are the ideal choice. They bring a fresh, clean look to any space, enhancing natural light and creating an airy, open feel that’s perfect for kitchens, conservatories, or living areas. The crisp white complements any interior palette, providing a versatile backdrop for your décor.

Energy Efficiency

There's no need to worry about thermal efficiency with our range. All of our aluminium patio doors are thermally broken with a U-value of 1.4W/m2K and are Part L and Part F compliant, with Part Q compliant options also available.

External aluminium bifold doors are designed to keep the cold out and the heat in, controlling the temperature of your home and even helping to reduce your heating bills. With double glazing as standard you can improve energy efficiency by providing better thermal insulation, reducing heat loss, lowering energy consumption, and minimising condensation issues.


Our concertina doors also have a multi point locking system that has passed the test requirements of PAS24, ensuring that the external security of your home is as tight as ever. At 70mm thick, our aluminium folding doors come in a variety of configurations to specifically suit your home without compromising on style or imposing on space. 

Cost & Value

Your home improvement project could be more cost effective than you expect when you choose new doors from the Climadoor range. All our doors are budget friendly with aluminium bifolds starting from under £2,000.

Whilst aluminium isn't known for being the cheapest material, it's a quality investment which gives you great value for money. Bifold doors are also considered a luxury, so whilst they might carry a higher price tag than sliding or french doors, they offer you enhanced versatility and can help you to add value to your home.

Bespoke Options

If you need bespoke bifold doors, get in touch. Whether it's a made to measure set, a unique or dual colour frame or even a triple glazed option, our team may be able to help. Find out more about our bespoke and made to measure doors.

Bifold vs Sliding Patio Doors

If you desire a completely open wall that connects your indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, bifold doors are the ideal choice. They offer a dramatic, expansive opening and a contemporary look, perfect for entertaining and creating a bright, open atmosphere. On the other hand, if you are working with limited space or prefer a simpler, more cost-effective option, sliding doors are an excellent choice. They provide a sleek, modern aesthetic and are easy to operate, making them suitable for a variety of settings.

Peace of Mind: Our Guarantee

We at Climadoor also offer a minimum 10 year guarantee on all bifold doors, including our internal bifold doors, against any manufacturing defects - providing you with complete peace of mind when it comes to trust and security.

Questions about Aluminium Bifold Doors

Why Choose Aluminium Bi folding Doors?

Aluminium used in construction is one of the most durable and energy efficient materials for windows, furnishings and doors. With a sleek and stylish finish, aluminium bifold doors are perfect if you’re looking to add a contemporary edge to your home. But they aren’t all about style, due to their robust nature and corrosion resistant nature, they are less prone to expanding and warping as temperatures change and are suitable for all weather conditions. 

Despite its strength, aluminium is a lightweight material, and is perfect for all styles of door and for those that have mobility issues. It also allows for minimal frames that complement larger glass panels for maximum light flow, such as those in our range of Heritage bifold doors.

Are Aluminium Doors Better Than uPVC Doors?

In some respects, yes. Aluminium doors have a longer lifespan than uPVC door frames and although uPVC won’t rot like timber frames, they can degrade over time. Aluminium is better suited to environmental changes due to being rust and corrosion resistant and aluminium frames, unlike uPVC frames, do not warp in different temperatures. 

Due to their unique manufacturing process, aluminium frames are also better for the environment. Aluminium can be recycled countless times, and extracting raw aluminium does not require an abundant amount of energy. Recycling aluminium uses approximately 5% of the energy it would take to create a whole new door. 

This doesn’t mean to say that uPVC bifold doors do not hold their value elsewhere. Our uPVC external doors are a more budget-friendly alternative to aluminium bifold doors, and also boast a long lifespan than standard. uPVC doors are easy to add to any type of home, and can leave your house looking slick and clean in no time at all.

What are standard aluminium bifold door sizes?

Bifold doors with aluminium frames can be made to any size. The most popular standard sizes are 1800mm (6ft), 2400mm (8ft) and 3000mm (10ft) in a three panel configuration, but we also offer other sizes and configurations to give you complete flexibility to choose a product that meets your needs. Working with standard sizes does allow you to plan your project precisely, and your builder can construct the opening in the full knowledge that the product will fit when it arrives. 

Are aluminium bi fold doors worth the money?

Aluminium bifold doors have become extremely popular over the last 5-10 years as they open your home to your garden and have many benefits. They're great when entertaining on those warm summer evenings and they also create a great feature for your home, with large glass panels allowing you to make the most of the beautiful view of your garden. Not only that, given their rise in popularity, bifold doors add a measurable additional value and desirability to your home if you decide to sell it.

Are aluminium bifolding doors cold?

Not at all. The continuing improvements to both glazing technology and thermally broken aluminium manufacturing, means an aluminium bifold door system can give excellent thermal performance, keeping the heat in and cold out. Our double glazed aluminium bifold door systems are market leading in terms of energy efficiency, with a superb 1.4w/m2K U value - which is better than UK Building Regulation requirements!

What is a good u value for aluminium bifold doors?

The lower the U value is on external bifold doors, the better their thermal performance. Typically, the thermal performance levels of aluminium bifold doors is around the 1.6w/m2K level. Our products exceed this at just 1.4w/m2K and will perform at levels more than 10% better than the average, keeping your energy bills down and your home nice and cosy!

Are bifold aluminium doors easy to install?

Yes aluminium bi folding doors are easy to install, but we do recommend sorting professional help to install these sets. Whilst they are delivered to you fully assembled to make it easier, it's vital that they are installed square and plumb, to prevent any unnecessary wear. A typical 3 door bifold door should be installed into a pre-prepared opening and sealed within a day.

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