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Internal Doors

Internal Doors

Our wide range of internal doors is available in a selection of styles to suit any interior. Whether you’re looking for solid oak doors, white primed doors or glazed interior doors, you will find something to suit your home.

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The Climadoor Internal Doors Range

A Wide Range of Styles: Glazed, Oak, Prefinished & Lots More 

Our huge range of wooden internal doors is designed to function well, offer value for money and look stunning too. From modern to traditional designs, you can complement your décor when you shop with the Climadoor brand.


The doors in our extensive range come in a variety of sand-coloured finishes or are white primed. Choose from unfinished and prefinished options. Our unfinished doors can be painted or stained to create the perfect finish. This is useful if you want to match them to existing doors within your home. You are still able to paint your pre finished doors if you like but they have already been primed to save you some time and effort.


All of the doors in our internal bifold doors, internal french doors and internal single doors are made from wood. We choose only the highest quality materials for our products and believe interior wooden doors award you with longevity, energy efficiency, and a versatile range of aesthetics options.


We have internal glass doors with an oak trim and various glass panels. The internal glazed doors are particularly favoured in terraced style homes, as they're perfect for adding more light between rooms, giving the illusion of more space and removing the need for a transom window or fanlight above the door.

Our solid internal oak doors are ideal for closing off rooms and improving privacy within the home. From panelled to flush doors, we have a variety of different options. We recommend their use for bathrooms or bedrooms, although they can be used downstairs too. If you did want to install interior glass doors upstairs, we offer frosted glass options too. A door with frosted glass will let the light flow whilst still retaining a sense of privacy. 

Our engineered oak doors such as the Mexicano doors range are offered in standard sizes, giving you the ability to complete your project with a quality oak look.

Whether unfinished or prefinished, all of our doors are solid core and heavy in weight; giving stability, durability, and real finesse. Simply finish with your choice of door furniture.

Get a Consistent Look Throughout Your Home

All of our internal single doors have matching internal bifold door counterparts, so if you’re looking for matching styles throughout the house then please make sure you check out our full bifolding range too. You'll also find our exclusive range of folding French doors which offer all the classic styling of French doors with a modern bifolding twist. Many of our designs are available glazed and fire doors too, so you can find the perfect set whilst keeping your home safe.

Shopping with Climadoor

Remember, we aim to have all orders delivered to your UK home within just 3-7 working days. So if you are looking for solid core engineered oak, or white primed doors, you’re unlikely to find interior doors with faster delivery than that anywhere else online!

We have a variety of styles in our range so whether you’re looking for an inside door for your home or commercial property you will be sure to find something to suit. Our internal doors can be trimmed by a generous 28mm which makes it even easier to get that perfect fit.

If you do have any questions about our range of interior doors then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated, UK based team offer excellent service and will be happy to help.

Questions about Internal Doors

What type of interior doors are popular?

The most popular internal doors are single leaf doors, internal French doors and internal bifold doors. Each of these have different characteristics and practicalities.

Is it worth replacing inside doors?

If your current internal doors are looking tired, then replacing them is a good move. If you're renovating a property, it can be tempting to try and reduce costs by keeping the doors that are already in and just replacing handles or door knobs. But there are many benefits to replacing them.

Firstly, energy efficiency. Internal doors can warp over time due to things like central heating and damp, meaning they may not fit in their frames as snuggly as they once did, this can cause gaps, leaving the room susceptible to drafts, which can make it difficult to get all warm and cosy when you want to.

Doors that have warped can also start sticking and if you've recently repainted the door frames, the last thing you want is for the door to scrape it all off! Likewise, misshapen doors can also cause problems with new flooring, so that's always worth checking too.

Another thing is safety. There are a few areas of the home where internal fire doors are appropriate, such as one that leads to an integral garage. You may also wish to add an extra layer of protection between the kitchen and the rest of your home.

On top of these things, it's worth considering the aesthetics of old, worn out doors too. If you've gone for a chic, modern feel, old doors are likely to stick out... and not for the right reasons!

How much do internal doors cost?

The cost of internal doors can vary widely depending on the style, design, size and finish that you choose.

At Climadoor, our single leaf internal door prices start from just under £80 for a solid core shaker style panel door to just under £600 for a full length glazed fire door. The same applies to internal bifold doors and French doors, too.

The cost of internal bifold doors is hugely dependent on the number of panels you choose and whether you go for glazed or solid options, with a starting price of just over £450 for a two panel solid bifold door, to just over £1350 for a 6 panel full length glazed bifold door set.

Though pricing varies depending on the previously mentioned factors, the difference in price for internal French doors doesn't vary so widely as it does for folding internal doors, this is largely down to the fact that there are fewer individual panels. Here at Climadoor, they start at just over £350 for a set of slim white internal French doors, up to just over £900 for a solid oak glazed French door set with side panels.

Can an internal door be used externally?

Internal doors shouldn't be used externally. External doors are manufactured to specifically withstand much more wear and tear, are usually thicker and are designed to create a seal within the door frame to protect against harsh weather and cold drafts. Inside doors are unsuitable for external use from a security point of view, too.

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