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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Choose from a vast range of external sliding doors and really give your home that wow factor. Let the sunshine in with our super stylish and eco-friendly aluminium sliding doors which are available in black, grey and white. Or, opt for more budget-friendly uPVC sliding doors which are also available in a range of neutral colours to perfectly complement your home.

UPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC sliding doors are a great external door choice if you want to let in more natural light but need to be conscious of space and budget, without compromising functionality. Not only that, but with availability in a range of styles and colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Open up your living space with a sleek set of aluminium sliding doors. Stylishly connect any room of your house with the garden and flood your home with natural light for an airy, lofty feel. Sliding aluminium doors are perfect for hosting summer parties, allowing playful children the free run of your indoor and outdoor space or just for letting in a gentle summer breeze.

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The Climadoor Sliding Doors Range

Glass sliding patio doors have long been a firm favourite among home owners. Not only are they perfect for letting in a huge amount of natural light, but they're also extremely space efficient.

There's no need to worry about ensuring there's enough space to open a sliding door because as the name suggests, they work a bit differently to bifold or french patio doors. By running along a track, one panel will sit behind the other once open - giving you light, space and function without having to compromise.


Our glass sliding doors are available with both aluminium and uPVC frame options.

Aluminium patio doors are sleek and sophisticated. They're modern, lightweight and robust which makes them a popular choice. Choosing aluminium sliding patio doors can give your home improvement project a contemporary edge, and will last for many years to come.

Like for like, uPVC patio doors are usually more cost effective than aluminium. Giving you great value for money, uPVC sliding patio doors are robust and versatile too. When it comes to new doors, the choice is yours.

Secure and Energy Efficient

Keeping your home secure is so important, that's why our glazed patio doors are made with toughened safety glass. They also feature a multi point locking mechanism to keep intruders at bay.

Our aluminium doors use a thermal break to create highly energy efficient frames. When you replace your sliding doors with new ones, you can reduce your energy bills due to the increased energy efficiency requirements in today's building regulations. Older doors might be increasing your heating bills, so it's well worth considering some new slide doors.

Sliding Patio Doors With Fast, Free Delivery

When you choose Climadoor for your new sliding patio doors you'll get much more than high quality products at great prices. In fact, all of our patio doors, including French patio doors and bifold patio doors, come with free delivery across mainland UK as standard!

We’re known for our quality at Climadoor, from the calibre of our product to the standard of our customer service. We’re so confident in our doors that we also offer a standard 10-year guarantee on manufacturing defects and a 5-year guarantee on glass units. You can find more information on our guarantees page.

Have a question about which sliding doors are right for your home? Our experienced team is always happy to share their product knowledge with you. We’re available from 8:30-17:00 on weekdays and email anytime. Find the best way to get in touch on our contact page.

Questions about Sliding Doors

What is a sliding patio door?

Sliding patio doors are most commonly made up of two large glass panels which are opened by sliding one panel behind the other glass panel along a door track, or door rail. Because of their large glass panels, sliding patio doors let in a lot of natural light and give you stunning views of your garden from inside your home. 

Sliding patio doors are most popular leading out to the garden, from the kitchen or living room. This is especially wonderful in the summer as you can easily open up the space between your home and garden. This is great for hosting parties, playful children or just letting a gentle summer breeze into your home. 

Thanks to our low U-Values, you don’t have to worry about them letting the cold in during the winter either.

Why choose sliding patio doors?

Sliding patio doors are one of the most space-efficient choices when it comes to patio doors. Unlike more traditional choices such as French doors, they won’t take up space outside of the door frame. Because French doors open outwards on their hinge, they take up additional space on your patio and will need to be secured in case of big gusts of wind. 

Sliding patio doors simply slide behind each other so they’ll never take up additional space and provide a clear space. This is especially helpful if you have playful children and animals who like to run around!

Are sliding patio doors secure?

There can be a concern because of how much glass is in sliding patio doors that they’re inherently less secure than other external doors. But they're often no less secure than other types of external doors. All of Climadoor's uPVC sliding doors and aluminium sliding doors have toughened glass, multi-point locks and are internally beaded to ensure your home remains secure.

How much do sliding patio doors cost?

Our range of sliding patio doors starts at just over £700 for a set of small uPVC sliding doors and stretches to £6000 for a large set of aluminium sliding doors.

By stocking both uPVC and aluminium framed sliding doors, we are able to offer options for every budget. Both materials will give your doors a sleek, modern look, with aluminium offering a more robust appearance with a longer lifespan, while uPVC offer the same function but is a great alternative for those on a budget.

What is the best material for sliding patio doors?

In many respects, aluminium is the best material for sliding patio doors.

It is a very sturdy, strong material that is naurally corrosion resistant and easily up to the task of securely holding large panels of glass. Its strength means that aluminium frames can have thinner profiles, allowing for bigger glass panels. This can create doors that are more visually appealing, and that let the maximum amount of light into your home.

Aluminium is also durable. It won’t warp or rot, and it will take many decades before its strength starts to fade. It is also very low maintenance and easy to clean.

What window coverings are best for sliding glass doors?

It is often best to go with a set of vertical sliding blinds when you’re dressing sliding patio doors. This type of blind can sit inside the same aperture as the door for a neat look and will pull open in the same direction as the door for ease of use.

Choosing blinds also gives you greater control of how much light you let in. As wonderful a room flooded with sunlight sounds, direct midday sun can be blinding and disruptive. Tilted blinds can filter the light through, making sure it is softened without being too dark.

In contrast, curtains aren’t always a great choice for sliding doors. They can make for a dramatic look, especially with a feature curtain pole. However, having the curtains outside the frame of the door can be obstructive and a trip hazard. Having it inside the doorway is problematic too, as it will take up space and could still cause a hazard over head.

Are sliding patio doors better than bifold doors?

Picking between the functionality of bifold patio doors and the simplicity of sliding doors can be difficult. Both types of doors bring their own appeal, with minimalist frames and crisp lines. They will also both let natural light flood into your home, helping your living space look bigger as well as brighter.

However, sliding doors can be more thermally efficient, easier to install and easier to maintain than bifold doors. Sliding patio doors are also moderately more budget-friendly, depending on the material and size you need.

What should I look for in a sliding glass door?

When you’re choosing a sliding patio door, there are a number of practical factors you should look for.

You need a door that is energy efficient. This means the glass panels need to be double-glazed, with a U value of 1.8W/m2K or less. If you’re looking at aluminium frame glass doors, they also need to be thermally broken to make sure that the door frame provides excellent insulation too.

You should also look for a sliding patio door that will keep your home secure. Multi-point locking systems and toughened glass are a must, and internal beading will increase the security too.

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