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Crittall-Style Heritage Doors

Crittall-Style Heritage Doors

Keen to add a touch of jazz to your home? Then our premium range of Crittall-style doors may be just what you’re looking for. Synonymous with the Art Deco era of the early 20th century, and having never really gone out of style, industrial steel look doors have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Crittall-Style Internal Doors

Our range of Crittall-style style internal doors feature the iconic grid-like pattern of traditional steel internal doors, with all the structural and functional benefits of a modern wooden door.

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Crittall-Style External Doors

Our range of external steel-look doors is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create an eye-catching look for their home. We have Heritage style bifold doors and French doors, all made to the same exacting standards.

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The Climadoor Crittall-Style Heritage Doors Range

Whether it’s external Heritage doors or internal Heritage doors that you’re looking for, our comprehensive range of steel-look doors has everything you need - from bifolding to French doors to single black internal doors, you can keep a consistent look right the way through your home.

As the name suggests, heritage-style doors are all about bringing old world character into the now. Regardless of whether you have a period property or a modern new build, the sleek black slimline frames and expansive glass panels that are typical of the Crittall door style, can really make a statement, both to the exterior and interior of your home. 

Originated in Essex, UK in the late 19th century, Crittall doors were reserved for industrial buildings such as factories and public buildings such as the Houses of Parliament where natural light played an important role in illuminating the space. 

The difficulty lay in the fact that large single glass panes weren’t a possibility, so structured steel frames were required to add stability. As a result, the industrial style doors that we know and love today were created. 

Named after their inventor, Francis Henry Crittall, the distinctive windows became a symbol of the industrial revolution and have been inspiring interior designers and architects ever since. In fact, they're still manufactured today by the original Crittall Windows company.

Traditional Steel-Look Doors Made to Modern Standards

Nowadays, the heavy steel frames of external Crittall doors aren't always a practical or affordable option for many, so manufacturers like us have worked hard to recreate the iconic look but with much more lightweight and much more easier to maintain aluminium, with internal Crittall-style doors made from premium grade engineered timber - maintaining the style and aesthetics, but in a budget-friendly and eco-conscious way.

Aluminium Heritage style external doors replicate the style perfectly, taking all the good bits of steel doors and removing the faults.

Not only is aluminium a much more environmentally-friendly product to manufacture, it’s also naturally resistant to corrosion and warping, and much more energy efficient given the thermal breaks designed into the product. 

All Climadoor external aluminium bifold and French doors are of the highest quality, using the latest manufacturing methods and durability tests. With thermally broken frames and low E toughened double glazing as standard - they fully comply with UK building regulations standards. 

The lightweight nature of aluminium steel-look doors also means that exterior heritage doors are available in a range of styles, sizes and configurations to perfectly suit your house. Whether it’s a Crittall-style bifold patio door system you're looking for or you’d prefer the more traditional look of Crittall-style French doors, the choice is yours. 

Want to carry on the industrial doors look throughout the rest of your home? The great thing about the heritage doors style is that it’s flexible enough to work both internally and externally.

Steel-look doors can really make a statement and become a major focal point in your interior design, whilst still offering a number of practical solutions and flexibility when it comes to the rest of your décor colour choices. 

With a solid engineer core, all Climadoor internal heritage doors are made using engineered laminated timbers with a smooth black primed finish, and are designed to compliment the rest of our steel look doors range.

In the range, you can choose from Crittall-style internal bifold doors, Crittall-style internal French doors and our innovative range of heritage-style Frenchfold doors - combining the best of both worlds. 

If black steel-look doors are something you’d like to flow throughout the rest of your home, then our black internal single door range offers you complete flexibility, with both solid and glazed door options available in the heritage collection.

Made to Measure Crittall-Style Doors

We can also offer made to measure external steel-look doors with a 5-6 week lead time, and bespoke black internal doors on a 16-18 week lead time. Just send your requirements to [email protected] for a written quote or get in touch via phone to find out more. Please note: As these products are made to order, they cannot be cancelled or returned after despatch.

All of our external French doorsbifold doors and sliding patio doors come with FREE mainland UK delivery as standard too, so it's the perfect opportunity to save a few pennies by combining purchases if you're planning to update your single leaf internal doors or get a new front door as well.

Questions about Crittall-Style Heritage Doors

What are Heritage doors?

The term Heritage door refers to a style of door that harks back to the Crittall-style doors and windows that were typically found in early 20th century England, particularly in factories and public buildings. 

As industrial buildings got bigger, the need to generate as much natural light flow as possible meant that large windows and doors were required, both internally and externally. The ideal solution came with doors and windows made up of a number of square steel frames that would support large glass panels.

Over time, this design filtered into homes and living spaces, and quickly became a favoured interior design feature that typified the elegance of the Art Deco era and the Modernist movement. As the trend progressed, the heritage door was born.

Are dark doors in style?

Very much yes! The classic steel door look, with slim black door frames and large glass panels, has long been a favourite among designers and architects. 

Despite their colour, this is especially true in those period properties where the need to increase natural light is a must, as this is exactly what they were originally designed for.

Are steel look doors expensive?

By comparison to traditional steel doors, no, heritage doors are not expensive. Steel is an expensive material to produce, therefore making steel Crittall doors a pricy option. On the other hand, aluminium steel-look doors are much cheaper and the composition of aluminium means it’s also recyclable, more lightweight and naturally corrosion resistant. 

Likewise, choosing wooden steel-look doors for internal use is much cheaper, as again, timber doors are cheaper to manufacture, easier to maintain and also have better insulating properties - while their appearance still offers all the aesthetic benefits of traditional steel doors.

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