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Crittall-Style Internal French Doors

Crittall-Style Internal French Doors

If you're looking for internal French doors that bring as much aesthetic appeal as they do functional benefits, then our Crittall-style internal French doors are an excellent choice. As well as looking incredible, the slimline black frames and large glass panels of these steel look French internal doors allow light to pass easier between rooms, helping your living space to feel bigger and brighter. Our French Heritage doors are available in a range of sizes with clear toughened glass and a smoothed primed black finish as standard - ensuring they can be hung and styled without issue.

Available in sizes ranging from 1200mm (4ft) to 2900mm (9ft)

From £440.00 to £1,299.00

The Climadoor Range of Crittall-Style Internal French Doors

The Climadoor Crittall-style internal French door system brings a fashionable steel-look twist to any home that harks right back to the Art Deco era.

The internal doors themselves have an eye-catching industrial style all of their own but that doesn't mean they are restricted to period properties with red brick walls and soaring ceilings. In fact, their distinctive looks and neutral yet striking colourway make a great focal point in modern or understated interiors too.

It may surprise you, but the expansive glazed panels and slimline frame also make them a great choice for dark, cramped or boxy rooms that could do with a natural light boost as this is exactly what the original Crittall doors were designed for - to maximise light.

The best part of our heritage internal French doors range is that they can also protect your privacy when they are shut, dividing up your living space easily. They’re a great choice for recreating the open-plan feel of sweeping industrial style buildings whilst still allowing you to close off a space and get all cosy if you wish.

As with all our internal French doors, the industrial style steel-look range is made from premium quality solid core engineered oak to allow for trimming of up to 8mm per leaf. Side panels are also available to maximise the size and impact of these Crittall-style doors - with sizes ranging from 1122mm through to 2838mm wide.

All steel-look interior French doors feature a smooth black primed factory finish, that is quick to paint and creates a durable final finish. They also have clear toughened glass to keep your home as safe as possible.

Style and Substance

During the later part of the 19th century, Crittall doors emerged from a small family run ironmongery in Essex, UK. Initially installed in industrial settings and public buildings such as factories and the Houses of Parliament, the demand for ample natural light posed a challenge: crafting large glass panes was no easy feat.

To overcome this hurdle, they introduced sturdy yet slim steel frames for additional support without compromising light flow. Thus, the industrial-style doors we know and love today came to be.

Named in honour of their creator, Francis Henry Crittall, these distinct windows and doors became an icon of the industrial revolution, and their legacy endures, serving as a source of inspiration for designers and architects across the world for over a century. And here's a fun fact: the original Crittall Windows company still manufactures them today.

All our glazed internal French Doors come with free mainland UK delivery for orders over £750 and are supplied complete with a frame pack, door leaves and pair maker. The hardware and door handles are sold separately.

Questions about Crittall-Style Internal French Doors

What are Heritage-style interior doors?

Our Heritage-style internal French doors are black, glazed double doors that echo the style of traditional steel doors often found in UK factories at the turn of the 20th century. They have the same slim frames as steel doors, with large glass panels to let natural light flow between your rooms.

Though this style was often seen in steel windows or exterior doors, industrial-style doors were often featured internally as well, breaking up large open spaces.

These interior doors also feature a black grid pattern across their glazing. In the original steel door style this was a necessity as glass couldn't be manufactured strong enough for large panes. Today, the black 'mullion' design of Heritage steel look internal doors is a style choice, as the toughened glass in their glazing is strong and secure.

When should you use Heritage style French doors?

The distinctive look of our Heritage style internal French door range makes them an attractive choice, especially if you want your doors to be a prominent feature of your interior design. Picking the heritage style is an easy choice, but it can be harder choosing between Frenchfolding, bifold doors or French double doors.

Internal Heritage French doors offer a much smaller opening than folding doors, which makes them a great choice for rooms where you need to keep some separation or you don’t have the wall space to accommodate larger doors.                                                          

Many people choose to install them between playrooms or home offices and larger living spaces like lounges or kitchen diners. This helps the smaller rooms feel bigger but keeps the option to shut them off when the bigger room is busy and you need calm.

Which way should Heritage style internal French doors open?

A good rule of thumb is to set your French doors so that they open out into the bigger room. However, if you're struggling for space in both rooms, you could always consider our Heritage-style bifold doors that fold away to the side.

When it comes to French doors, the way they open matters. The natural light flow created by their glass panels makes them a great choice to help smaller rooms feel bigger, but they can also be obstructive in that space if they open into it.

Are Heritage style doors expensive?

If you're looking for a multi-leaf Heritage-style door for your home, an interior French door set is your cheapest option.

This is partly because they open on hinges, making them lower cost to manufacture than other types of room dividers such of bifolds which require a running track. They also offer smaller size options, with only two doors which again minimises manufacturing costs.

Their size also makes them cheaper to install. Although we still recommend hiring a professional joiner to install French Heritage doors (to ensure they are plumb and trimmed to size), they are a lot quicker to put in place. This will lower labour costs too.

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