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Flush Internal

Internal flush doors are becoming increasingly popular within the home. Our range of internal flush doors provide a sleek finish between rooms, and leave your interior decor looking clean and polished.

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The Climadoor Range of Flush Internal Doors

The simple look of flush internal doors suit a more minimalist, modern interior design, whilst also complimenting more intricate home decor styles. Internal flush doors are designed to sit neatly without fuss in their frames, unlike panelled internal doors or cottage doors which have more defined detailing and can become a feature in themself. Flush internal doors are designed to look as though they're made from one single piece of wood with minimal etched detailing, and are largely flat. 

Quality Internal Flush Doors Delivered To You

Our range of interior flush doors are designed to fit neatly into your door frames without being imposing on the eye. Their sleek finish can add modernity to any style of home without the large expense. Climadoor flush doors are great for improving your home on a budget without compromising on quality.

With nationwide delivery, your new internal doors will arrive within 3 - 7 working days, so you won’t be waiting eagerly for long. These easy-to-install door arrive ready to fit.

Questions about Flush Internal Doors

Which is better: flush doors or panel doors?

When improving or renovating your home, it is important to understand the options available when it comes to internal doors. Whilst traditionally panel doors have been commonly used in most construction, flush doors are taking modern decor by storm. But what is the difference between a flush door and a panel door?

Flush internal doors offer a smooth and sleek finish. They are composed of a wooden framework, and then topped with plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or natural wood on both sides. This not only creates clean lines but makes the flush door more versatile within any style of home. Our range of flush doors available grants several alternatives to standard panel doors and can be used to achieve modernity in the home.

Panel doors offer a more traditional feel. When we think of doors, panel doors are usually what come to mind first. Their intricate carvings can at times be more aesthetically pleasing than a flush door, and offer more character and personality to a room. On top of that, panel doors tend to be made of solid wood that can be primed and painted to suit your needs several times.

For sound insulation, flush doors are known to be more efficient. As well as providing more fire resistance than panel doors, flush door alternatives boast a range of benefits. Mites are a thing of the past with flush doors, as they are also more resistant to mite infections than panel doors. Due to their slim finish, flush internal doors are incredibly easy to clean, and don't tend to collect dust and dirt.

Are flush doors more expensive?

In short, no. Flush internal doors can often be less expensive to other styles, such as panel doors, depending on which you choose. Though still manufactured to the same level of quality, they offer a different aesthetic when it comes to design. 

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