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External Doors

External Doors

Our range of External Doors is here to make a difference in your home with thermally efficient doors in safe and secure designs. Whether you want folding doors, sliding doors, French doors or you'd like a new single front door, we've got you covered.

External Bifold Doors

External Bifold Doors

Prices from:
£ 1,759.00 - £ 5,599.00

External French Doors

External French Doors

Prices from:
£ 629.00 - £ 3,149.10

Single Leaf External Doors

Single Leaf External Doors

Prices from:
£ 58.99 - £ 506.00

UPVC Sliding Doors

UPVC Sliding Doors

Prices from:
£ 819.00 - £ 2,549.00

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Prices from:
£ 1,819.00 - £ 6,349.00

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The Climadoor External Doors Range

Whatever it is you need, from exterior french doors to single leaf external oak doors, we have high-quality doors at trade prices right here for you to browse. All external doors from Climadoor are made from premium timber and exuberant materials. Our external door range is also specifically designed for security. Head over to our expansive range of internal doors if you’re buying for a big project.

External Doors: Bifold, Oak and French Doors

When it comes to your external doors, there’s a number of different applications you could be looking for. You may be after a very simple oak external door in a classic design as a side entrance, or a full set of bifolding doors for your patio.

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, we have options to suit any budget and any project here at Climadoor.

We’ll go into a bit more detail about each of our external door lines and tell you more about their distinct benefits.

External Bifold Doors

When it comes to indoor-outdoor living, nothing does it better than a high quality set of external bifold doors. This is the easiest way of creating that feel in your home and they can be installed to create very striking and dynamic spaces within your home.

These are great for framing vistas too. If you’ve bought a house with a gorgeous view, bifolding doors are the best way to enjoy it without any disruption.

Don’t be alarmed by its design either. Lots of people assume that it is a structurally weak design. But our external bi fold doors are incredibly tough and extremely safe.

Available in aluminum or uPVC, check out our folding external doors for a truly dynamic option.

External Oak Doors

Our external oak doors come in timeless, classic designs. They offer security, insulation and quality for your home. Oak is a fantastic insulator and is a premium material in and of itself. Oak doors have a natural class to them, and there’s a reason why they’re so highly sought after.

External oak doors are environmentally-friendly, incredibly striking and they are a hard-wearing option. Their longevity is guaranteed and when it comes to insulation they will exceed your expectations.

We have a wide range of external oak door designs to choose from, have a nosey round and see if any of them take your fancy. Our high quality oak doors come at competitive trade prices, so there’s fantastic deals to be had here.

Shop our full collection of classic oak external doors and see if you can’t find yourself a great deal.

Looking for a different type of front door? Our single external doors range also offers composite front doors as well as a number of different glazed front doors

External French Doors

French Doors have been a favourite in homes around the world, enjoyed for their balanced symmetry and classic style. They’ve been a feature of classy homes for centuries and for good reason.

External French doors are a classic option and they still offer thermal efficiency, durability and security. They make a fantastic addition to any home and at Climadoor, you can choose from aluminum French doors and uPVC French doors which are available in various colours and sizes to suit every taste. We also offer a range of Heritage style steel look doors to really add the wow factor to the design of your home.

We demand a lot of of the doors we sell and we think that shines through in the selection of French doors we have available for you to buy. There’s plenty of design options so you can get a set of external French doors that suit your home perfectly.

Browse the collection and see if any take your fancy!

Sliding Doors

Our range of uPVC sliding doors are a fantastic choice with those looking to maximise natural light in their home but aren't able to accomodate a door that opens inwards or outwards. not only are they one of the more affordable patio door options, due to their large glass panels, sliding patio doors are a great way to connect the inside of your home with the outside all year round, they're especially good for those that might want an uninterrupted view of their garden or picturesque landscape further afield. Also check out our range of aluminium sliding patio doors if you really want to give your house the wow factor. 

Questions about External Doors

How much are external doors?

The cost of a good quality exterior door can range anywhere from £200 to £5,000, depending on the style and material you choose.

This dramatic difference is down to the different types of door available. A big external bifold door, with it’s beautiful bright glass panels and space-changing flexibility, costs a lot more (ours start at just over £1600) than a single-leaf solid engineered oak exterior door (with a median cost of around £300) for example.

Other factors will feed into the cost as well. One of the biggest impacts is the material the door is made from. A high-quality aluminium-framed bifold or French door will give long-lasting, sleek, modern good looks whilst being naturally thermal efficient and corrosion resistant. It makes sense that these cost a little more than uPVC doors for example, which offer a more affordable option but may not offer the same lifespan.

How much for external door installation?

Generally speaking, bifold and French doors will cost between £500 and £1500 to install and oak doors less. The cost will depend on a few things, such as whether you’re replacing old doors, whether there’s already an aperture and of course, who you go to.

Make sure you shop around for a good price and go with an option you can trust. If you are particularly skilled with DIY and doing handy work, then it may not be a bad idea to think about having a crack at it yourself. Just exercise extreme caution and only do so if completely confident in your ability.

What type of door is best for an exterior door?

There is no ‘best external door’ that will suit everyone, regardless of their interior styles or lifestyle.

If you love open-plan living and you want to use your garden as an easy-flowing extension of your living space, then exterior bifold doors are the perfect choice. As well as making your interiors feel larger and lighter, those luxurious glass panels will create a more open feel. Even on chilly winter days when the doors are pulled shut.

If you like rustic interiors, with warm bright spots and a little extra design detail, then classic French patio doors might be a better choice. Heritage style patio doors are a particularly popular choice and are perfect for adding a splash of character to your home. These steel look patio doors, with lightweight aluminium frames, contrast nicely with brickwork to create an attractive design feature for the exterior of your home, as well the interior.

If you’re cost-conscious, a set of uPVC sliding doors may suit you more than a set of contemporary aluminium frames. The size of the door required will also change which style works for you.

What are the most secure exterior doors?

In terms of durability of the frames, composite doors are known to be the most secure external doors currently on the market.

The material they are made from was deliberately designed to address the flaws sometimes found in doors made of single materials, such as uPVC or timber. They feature a solid wood door, steel frame, and a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) veneer which make them incredibly hard to damage or break.

Pair this with a steel frame, and a strong locking system and you will get a robust, secure external door that will withstand the most determined intruder attempt. That's not to say other materials aren't secure though. The quality of manufacturing plays a big part, so always ensure the external doors you're buying are of the highest quality, regardless of material and style.

What type of exterior door is most energy efficient?

A composite door is the most energy-efficent door type available, for the same reason it is the most secure. The material used to make it was specifically designed for that purpose and to omit the flaws that can present themselves when a door is made from a single material.

When it comes to bifold and French external doors, some people could worry about energy efficiency due to large glass panels that dominate the door design. This is why all Climadoor glazed external doors feature Low E glazing with a super-low U value of 1,5w/m2K or less.

Do exterior doors come with a frame?

The real answer is, it depends. Often it comes down to the manufacturer. Fro example, all of our bifold and French doors come with a matching door frame. This doesn’t just ensure a visual design cohesion to keep your doors looking fantastic, it also means that they will offer the highest levels of security and insulation possible, as they will fit the frame perfectly. In fact our folding door systems even come pre-hung, so that easy installation is guaranteed too.

Door frames for external single leaf doors tend to be supplied separately. It's always worth checking if the door you want to buy is supplied as part of a set. 

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