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Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed Fire Doors

Fire doors are often thought of as incredibly thick, plain, solid doors but they can come in a variety of styles. Glazed fire doors have a glass panel made of specially toughened, fire resistant glass so you can let more natural light into your home whilst still keeping you and your family safe.

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The Climadoor Range of Glazed Fire Doors

Quality Glazed Fire Doors Guaranteed

When you’re buying something as important as a fire rated internal doors, you want to be confident it’s going to last for years to come. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our glass units so you can feel safe if you have any problems, Climadoor will be able to help. 

Glazed Fire Doors Delivered In 3-7 Working Days

We offer a speedy delivery time of just 3-7 working days across the entire mainland UK on all of our fire doors. 

Why not explore the rest of our internal door range and really give your home the wow factor? As well as our fire door range, we have a range of standard single leaf doors, glazed internal doors, internal bifold doors and internal French doors that are all designed to perfectly compliment one another, so you're able to continue with a consistent colour scheme and design throughout your home.

Questions about Glazed Fire Doors

How can fire doors have glass in them?

Fire rated glazed doors have a special kind of glass, known as ‘fire rated glass’. This type of glass has been specifically designed to act as a barrier against fire and is rigorously tested to meet the same standards of protection as a solid fire door. Like a solid fire door, a fire door with glass will help stop fire and smoke from spreading throughout your home.

How long do fire doors stop the spread of fire?

All fire doors have a fire rating, such as an FD30 rated glazed fire door. The number in this rating is indicative of how many minutes the door is guaranteed to stop the spread of smoke and fire for. For example, an FD30 rated fire door will prevent fire and smoke from spreading for a minimum of 30 minutes, an FD60 rated fire door will hold back a fire for a minimum of 60 minutes.

FD30 rated glass fire doors are the most common type used in domestic homes.

Latest News & Advice about Glazed Fire Doors

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What Are Fire Doors?

Unsure what fire doors are or why might need them? Here we answer your fire-rated door related questions with our helpful guide.

Where are Fire Doors Required?

Where are Fire Doors Required?

Unsure whether you need a fire door? Here we look at where you'll need to install one and how you can check if your current internal doors are fire doors.

Can Fire Doors Be Propped Open?

Can Fire Doors Be Propped Open?

Unsure about the legal ramifications of wedging a fire door open? Here we look at why it's always best to keep fire doors closed and how they help protect your property and those in it.

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