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Internal Fire Doors

Internal Fire Doors

Whether you’re looking for some added protection within the home, or if you want to kit out your office with a stylish fire door, look no further than our range of high quality fire doors. Rated FD30, our internal fire doors provide 30 minutes of fire protection.

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The Climadoor Internal Fire Doors Range

The fire rating is determined by rigorous testing done in a fully regulated environment to ensure your safety is upheld. Your safety is our priority. 

Quality Fire Doors Delivered To You

We offer a number of styles across our fire rated door range, including glazed fire doors and solid oak fire doors. If you're looking for a particular design feature to compliment your home, we also have flush fire doors for those looking for something modern, as well as panelled fire doors for a more traditional look. Supplied professionally painted and ready to fit, our white internal fire door range is perfect for those looking to make the job as easy as possible.

Our premium quality fire doors are designed with your safety in mind. Without compromising on style, our range of internal fire doors are a great alternative to standard internal doors, designed to complement other door styles in our range, they can still add a sense of class to your home or office whilst providing substantial fire protection.

With nationwide delivery, your fire door will arrive within 3 - 7 working days, so you won’t be waiting around for long.

Questions about Internal Fire Doors

What makes a fire door a fire door?

Fire doors are made of specific materials that are resistant to extreme heats. They are usually made from a combination of gypsum, glass, timber, aluminium and steel to provide the most effective protection against fires. With self-closing mechanisms, our fire doors are intended to keep you and your property safe from the spread of fire.

All components of our fire doors are fire regulated; from the frames to the hinges. If any of the fire door hardware is ineffective, then the whole system fails and will not hold up to its FD rating. That’s why we manufacture all of our fire doors and hardware with the highest levels of durability in mind.

Other than fire safe materials mentioned above, fire doors must also consist of other fire resistant elements. Intumescent strips are installed around the edges of the fire door panel. These are designed to expand against the door frame in extreme heats to prevent the fire from spreading through the door. 

Smoke can be deadlier than fire if not tackled correctly, that’s why all of our doors come with built in smoke seals. These are designed to fit flush between the door panel and the door frame to prevent the smoke from escaping or entering a room.

Which doors need to be fire doors?

Fire Doors can be a great way to add an extra layer of protection in your home, but not all internal doors need to be fire rated. there are however some legal requirements for new build homes and renovated properties. UK building regulations state that any home with 3 or more floors must have fire doors fitted to any habitable room that leads from a stairwell. This also applies to loft conversions where an extra floor has been added to a two-storey home. 

It's also a legal requirement to have a fire door leading to an integral garage. An FD30 rated fire door is usually sufficient for this in most domestic situations. 

If you're looking to replace the internal doors of a flat or home of multiple occupancy, every flat or HMO room should have a fire rated door fitted to the entrance if it's connected to a communal area. Any flat or HMO that's 4.5m above ground level should also have fire rated doors fitted between each room as well as the front door.

Ground floor flats and HMO's don't usually need internal fire doors as long as there's an easily accessible escape route. However, ground floor flats and HMO's do still need a fire door fitted to the entrance if accessed from a communal area such as a hallway or corridor.

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