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Black Internal

Our range of black internal doors are the epitome of modernity and style. No matter what style of black internal door you are looking for, we’ll have something in our range to suit your needs.

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The Climadoor Range of Black Internal Doors

Made with high quality materials to the best of standards, our black interior doors are a great and affordable alternative to more traditional solid wood internal doors and white internal doors.

Trend Setting Black Internal Doors

Black internal doors have become increasingly popular in modern home decor. Black is considered the new neutral, and can be paired with almost any colour of flooring and walls. Most importantly, they can be used to complement any style of home, and pair beautifully with the traditional industrial look of Crittall-style patio doors.

Black interior doors can be considered a classic yet contemporary choice, and add a sense of bold elegance to rooms and hallways. Other black furnishings and decorations can be considered to complement the boldness of a room. Striking, more personable colours can also be used to add character against the black interior door, making those features pop against neutral decor. 

Black is timeless. Regardless of current trends and fashions, black will always be a staple in interior design. To keep on top of modern home decor inspirations, however, bold trimmings such as nickel door handles and hinges are bang on trend right now. These can be swapped and replaced with ease as and when you fancy.

Quality Black Internal Doors Delivered To You

Our drive to exceed normal market performance rates has led us to develop our range of doors to better than standard thermal performance levels - this is why all of our internal doors are fully tested and developed to ensure maximum thermal efficiency and robustness. You don’t need to worry about compromising quality for style with Climadoor black doors. 

With mainland UK delivery, we can get your new door to you within 3 - 7 working days, so you’re not waiting eagerly for long.

We at Climadoor also offer a 10 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects, providing you with a sense of trust and security.

Questions about Black Internal Doors

Are black interior doors a trend?

There is no denying that black interior doors have surged in popularity over the last few years. They have helped turn internal doors from functional objects to design statements in contemporary home decor.

There is a flipside to their current popularity however, as many people ask, will black interior doors go out of style soon?

The easy answer to that is no! Of course, design schemes and colours flow in and out of popularity, but a carefully styled room with fixtures in neutral tones such as black and white will always look incredible - even if it's not bang on trend for the moment.

Ultimately, the best idea is always to pick out your interiors, including your internal doors, to suit your own taste. This way you can guarantee it will always be in style!

Should interior doors be light or dark?

The choice between light and dark interior doors is exactly that - a choice. A personal one at that. If you're bored of bland white doors or feel the look of oak doors is a little too classic, a black internal door can completely change up the look of your interior decor.

Many people are put off black interior doors as they worry they will suck the light out of a room or make it feel small. Unlike painting a whole wall black, this won't happen with black doors because they take up such a small portion of the room - even in a box room.

However, if you want a black internal door but are worried about it shrinking your living space, then glazed options (like our Heritage-style internal door range) are a perfect compromise.

The large glass panels will let natural light flow between rooms, making your rooms feel brighter and bigger. The black frames also contrast beautifully with the glass, bringing their own design appeal.

Should doors be painted the same colour as walls?

There is no reason why your interior doors need to be painted the same colour as the walls. In fact, it is more common to have a contrast between the colour of your internal doors and your walls.

If you have pale or light walls, a black internal door can make an attractive point of contrast. It will really stand out, drawing your eye to the detail of the door as a focal point. Particularly in modern interiors where a black colour door will look fantastic against a white wall.

Black internal doors also make a fantastic finishing touch to industrial-style home interior design. Our Heritage style black doors particularly suit this type of interior, echoing the traditional steel doors of the early 20th century that were popular in original art deco and industrial buildings.

Are internal black doors hard to keep clean?

One of the brilliant benefits of black doors is how easy they are to keep clean. Black is a particularly forgiving colour for a busy living space as it won't show dirt easily.

For the ultimate easy-to-clean doors, finish our primed black interior doors with a couple of coats of durable gloss paint, or add a clear varnish on top. A matt or eggshell paint may show fingerprints or dust more easily and need cleaning more regularly but that doesn’t rule it out, as it only takes a wipe with a soft cloth to remove the marks.

Do you paint both sides of internal doors black?

When you're painting primed internal doors, it is important to paint both sides. This isn't just an issue of style - it also brings practical benefits. Although the factory finish on our primed doors is high-quality, it is not quite sealed against moisture. This needs a couple of coats of paint or gloss to achieve.

If moisture gets into the wood of your interior black doors they can begin to swell and warp. When this happens they will start to stick or even refuse to close completely.

To avoid this, you have to paint every side of your new door before it is hung. This includes the top and bottom and the side edges as well as both sides.

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