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1930s Internal Doors

1930s Internal Doors

1930’s style doors are perfect for giving a touch of style from the Art Deco era to your home. Our solid core heavyweight DX30 internal doors are available in both smooth primed white or oak unfinished options - meaning you can colour or stain as you wish. Whether you’re looking to increase natural light flow, or fancy a more cosy, private feel, our DX30 internal doors come in both solid and glazed varieties. With clear and frosted glass to choose from, you’re able to make the best of your living space without compromising on design.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in solid or glazed door options
  • Available either white-primed or unfinished 
  • Fire rated 44mm thick options for additional safety
  • Sizes to suit every need from 610mm to 838mm (18 to 33 inches)
  • Extra large 20mm lippings so doors can be trimmed as needed
  • Stylish, classic design that works perfectly in both period and modern properties
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee as standard
  • Fast nationwide delivery

The 1930s Internal Doors Range

Further Information

As a highly sought after style for internal living spaces that’s seen a boost in popularity in recent years, our DX30 internal doors are a fantastic choice for anybody looking to really make a statement with their interior - especially if you’re keen to make the most of a 1930’s property.

Our 1930s doors are a charming addition, giving lots of character to period properties whilst also being a stylish design feature in more modern homes. All DX30 doors are available in a range of sizes, so we’re certain there’s one to suit your needs. We also supply a range of 44mm FD30 DX30 fire doors which can be used where needed to ensure consistent design throughout your home. 

DX30’s Internal Door Sizes

Our DX30 internal doors come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small DX30 doors at 610mm x 1981mm, to the standard 762mm x 1981mm door size. For larger door openings, we also have DX30 doors up to 826mm x 2040mm.

Our DX30 fire doors, with a standard regulated thickness of 44mm, range from 686mm x 1981mm to 838mm x 2040mm.

Types of DX30 Internal Doors

Our DX30 internal doors come in a variety of primed white finishes and unfinished oak options, so you can decorate your new internal door however you like. 

The bold, geometric design of a 1930’s style door helps any home design enthusiast incorporate the art deco vibe into their home. If you’re feeling daring, our primed DX30 doors are ready for you to paint in any colour you wish to complement the textured look of the door as well as the rest of your interior.

Whether you want to keep the look of natural oak wood, or want to incorporate Art Nouveau inspired colours into your interior design, our range of DX30 doors allow you to do that.

Solid Panel

Solid panel DX30 doors allow you to incorporate bolder, more striking colour schemes into your interior design. With one solid colour, your internal door can become a practical yet, design-led feature within the room and provide a statement where artsy accessories cannot. If you wanted the features of DX30 doors to be present but subtle, they also work well when painted the same colour as the walls. 

For more adventurous designers, decorating the panels with a separate colour to the rest of the door is a great way to add bold accents and really create a focal point in your interior design.


If your room is in need of a little extra natural light, glazed DX30 doors are the perfect choice for you.

Whether your room consists of dark, luxurious tones, or your home is more linear in layout, a glazed option can provide you with the additional light flow needed to really make the most of the space.

DX30 Fire Rated Doors

Investing in safety does not mean you need to compromise on style. 

Our range of DX30 fire doors allow you the freedom to decorate your room to your desired look, whilst still providing your home with additional fire safety benefits. 

With 30 minutes of fire protection, our 1930’s style fire doors are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a more traditional style but with modern safety standards.

Questions about 1930s Internal Doors

What is a DX30 Door?

A DX30 door is an art deco style door which consists of 4 framed panels. With a larger panel at the top, which is either glazed or solid wood, and 3 longer framed panels making up the lower section of the door, creating a feel of authentic 1930’s doors.

What style of house does a DX30 internal door suit?

DX30 internal doors have become a favourite for modern home decor enthusiasts as well as those keen to draw out the key features of their period home.

With the rise of styles such as rustic industrial style and industrial farmhouse, 1930’s doors have found their place within modern decor and are often paired with Heritage style French patio doors for this very reason. These cottage-style doors complement rural-style houses whilst also working well in townhouse style properties with high ceilings too.

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