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Heritage Internal Doors

Heritage Internal Doors

Our range of Heritage style internal doors feature the iconic grid-like pattern of traditional steel internal doors, with all the structural and functional benefits of a modern door.

From £134.99 to £1,409.00

Heritage Internal French Doors

If you're looking for internal French doors that bring as much aesthetic appeal as they do functional benefits, then our Heritage-style internal French doors are an excellent choice. As well as looking incredible, the slimline frames and large glass panels of these steel look French internal doors allow light to pass easier between rooms, helping your living space to feel bigger and brighter. Our French Heritage doors are available in a range of sizes with clear toughened glass and a smoothed primed black finish as standard - ensuring they can be hung and styled without issue.

Prices from: £489.00 - £1,299.00

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Heritage Internal Bifold Doors

Some internal doors fade into the background, just another functional object every room needs. Our Heritage-style internal bifold doors are stand out style choices - turning your doorways into a design feature. Our black primed solid core heritage bifold doors are available in a range of sizes and configurations. There are options for every home as we believe every home could benefit from a set of these stunning steel look internal doors.

Prices from: £559.00 - £1,409.00

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All Heritage Internal Doors

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The Climadoor Heritage Internal Doors Range

The expansive glazed panels and slim frames typical of the steel look door style help natural light flow beautifully throughout your home, making rooms brighter and feel bigger. With toughened safety glass as standard and solid engineered wood construction coupled with strong design features and bold colouring, these doors will elevate the look of any space for many years to come. 

The distinctive design and dramatic colour of our internal Heritage style doors make them an eye-catching addition to any home. 

Available in a range of finishes, styles and sizes, these steel look internal doors are an interior designer's dream. The perfect finishing touch for industrial-inspired interiors and cutting-edge contemporary homes, they make a great architectural statement wherever they're installed. They also pair perfectly with our range of Heritage style French patio doors for a complete, seamless look both inside and outside the home.

Features and Benefits

  • Classic industrial style design manufactured to modern standards
  • Solid oak engineered core with toughened safety glass as standard
  • Available in bifold, Frenchfold and classic French door configurations
  • Matching single leaf doors available for consistent design
  • Clear & frosted glass single leaf door options available
  • Comprehensive 10 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Fast, free mainland UK delivery on all bifold, Frenchfold and French doors

Questions about Heritage Internal Doors

What are the benefits of Heritage style folding doors?

Heritage style internal bifold doors (often called steel look internal bifold doors) and internal French folding doors, can be a far more practical and convenient approach to open plan living than knocking down a wall.

Though the idea of open plan living may hold a lot of aesthetic appeal, with big bright rooms that maximise sunlight and create a strong sense of flow, it is not always practical. Particularly in this age of homeworking.

Having a single living space can make mess and distractions inescapable, destroy privacy and force you to suffer loud noises or interruptions at awkward times. This can take the shine off your open-plan space, however bright and airy it is.

By choosing industrial style room dividers instead of knocking through a wall, you get the benefits of open plan living without these downsides. Heritage style internal bifold doors and folding French doors allow you to enjoy one large living space whenever you wish and maximise light flow throughout your home, without having to compromise on style. You can then simply shut them when you need to separate the rooms. They really do give you the best of all worlds.

Alternatively, if your budget won't stretch to the necessary internal construction work to install a full set of Heritage style internal bifolds or folding French room dividers, then a set of industrial-style French patio doors paired with black internal doors could be the perfect compromise.

Our aluminium Heritage style French doors all have the same art deco style as traditional steel doors but on a more environmentally and budget-friendly scale. The large panes of glass in these industrial style doors will still give clear sightlines and increase light flow in your home, making them a better bet when extensive construction work is out of the question.

Are Heritage style doors soundproof?

Glazed internal Heritage style doors are rarely completely soundproof. This is because they feature such a high ratio of glass to frame, a material that conducts sound better than solid timber does.

When you need to dampen noise passing through your home, then a solid wood Heritage style internal door will have the same stylish industrial look as glazed Heritage internal doors, but their solid core construction means they will bring better soundproofing to your space.

If you do choose to stick with glazing, the glass panels in our steel look internal doors all feature toughened glass to help keep them safe as well as stylish.

Are Heritage style doors fire-rated?

The high proportions of glass in many internal steel look doors can also make it hard to find fire doors that match this industrial style.

In order to get a fire rating, internal doors need to be able to withstand the heat, flames and smoke caused by fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Though fire doors can include glazing, large panes of glass are not usually up to this task. Due to this, Heritage style fire doors are usually a custom made product and can be expensive to commission.

Are Heritage style internal doors made of wood or aluminium?

When it comes to internal choices, wooden Heritage style internal doors are much more popular. These may be wooden doors with glass panels or solid wood doors with an engineered core. These solid interior doors still have the iconic grid-like design that defines the traditional steel look of Heritage style doors, just laid oven wood panels instead of glass.

Originally made of steel, some people think this means that Heritage style internal doors need aluminium frames. However, Heritage style aluminium doors tend to be used as external doors rather than internal ones.

Can you get white steel look doors?

Yes you can get white steel look internal doors but as this style were originally black steel doors, the classic design of Heritage doors mimics this look. It is an industrial-style door that really benefits from the contrast of glass against the narrow black frame. Whether you're looking at folding door systems or a single leaf door, going for white instead of black can seriously diminish this striking, unique look.

As well as trying to echo the minimalist steel doors that started this look, black internal doors have a close tie to the art deco era. This is where this style originates as an interior design feature, making black a much more eye-catching and authentic colour choice.

Can you paint Heritage style internal doors?

Yes you can paint Heritage style internal doors. Our range of Heritage internal doors come in a smooth primed finish which is deliberately designed to be easy to paint, so you can finish them to your own exact style with minimum effort.

Whether you want sleek silk, a shiny gloss or even a dramatic matte, the surface of our black primed internal doors is ready to accept a coat of paint without the need for endless layers or touch-ups.

Can you get sliding Heritage style doors?

Heritage style internal sliding doors are not currently available in the traditional sense. But, if you want to break down the barriers between rooms, you could try steel-look internal folding doors, which are top hung and “slide” on a track. 

This style of door still offers the large expanse of glass you’d expect from sliding doors, but concertina to one side as opposed to sliding one panel behind the other, making them a much more space efficient option. You could also opt for more classic internal French doors in the Heritage style. If you can’t decide between the two, then our unique range of Heritage style Frenchfold internal doors offers the best of both, with the flexibility to open into a room as well as slide to the side.

One of the biggest benefits of Heritage style folding internal doors is the way they create a sense of open plan living with ease. Their large glass panels give clear sightlines and create a sense of space that can be enhanced even further by choosing a folding door system. 

Steel look internal bifold doors, in particular, are the perfect choice for those wanting to add a serious design feature whilst creating a strong sense of flow between rooms. You’re able to bring two separate spaces together as one without having to worry about where the door needs to go once open and best of all, your space will still look super stylish whatever configuration you decide on.

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