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What is Modern Heritage Style?

In a nutshell, modern heritage style mixes traditional British design elements with contemporary accents to add energy and create a playful twist.

Features such as vintage armchairs, hardwood cabinets and patterned wallpaper are combined with bold decor such as modern art pieces, neo-industrial heritage doors and clean neutrals. The end result? A stunning contrast that’s key to the entire look. 

Does the Look Work for all Property Types?

At its core, modern heritage style is a relaxed take on luxury. Imagine: an English country manor house given a sleek 21st century update. For this reason, modern heritage is especially suited to country homes, period properties and terraced Victorian houses. In fact, you’ll often hear this style referred to in connection with Victorian interior design

But while modern heritage style is a great way to showcase any original features in your traditional property (think: exposed brick walls and oak flooring) it works the other way around too. Especially if you’re wondering how to add character to a new build home. 

Experts agree whether you’re renovating an old property or you’re living in a local new build development, modern heritage style is a completely accessible look. One which is easily replicated and can absolutely be tailored to all property types

Choosing Your Materials

Celebrating traditional craftsmanship and artisanal techniques is essential to creating a heritage style home. A huge part of this involves utilising heritage building materials such as brick, timber, stone and clay to give visual nods to the past. This means even if your property is newer, you can still create an impression of history and prestige. 

But it’s about more than just aesthetics. These methods have been passed down through the centuries because they’re a good investment too. They’re effective, long-lasting and ensure any renovations are in-keeping with your surroundings (a common requirement when requesting planning permission). 

If you’re planning on creating a heritage style home from the outset, it could be more effective to search for properties that already have traditional features. Dry stone walls, thatched roofs, retro floor tiles and timber beams all provide a foundation from which modern touches can be layered on top. While the recent lime wash wall trend provides a blank canvas for colour and texture. 

Choosing Your Colours

One of the easiest ways to introduce heritage style design to a property is through colour. And while this can often be an overwhelming place to start, the principles of heritage style design are fairly simple. Because with this design aesthetic, colour inspiration is taken straight from evocative shades most often found in nature. 

In modern heritage style, deep greens and bold blues are the most popular choices. While floral patterned wallpaper and statement stripes help to add a burst of brightness. To achieve balance and contrast, these should then be paired with natural fibre rugs, natural wood tones and neutral washed linens. A great way to add lightness to particularly sumptuous shades. 

And when in doubt? Take inspiration from shades found in your local antique store. Colours that hark back to a bygone era (or any hues that feel particularly luxurious) work well in a heritage style home. Think: antique grey, blush pink, rich maroon and French green. 

Making the Most of Modern Heritage Style

A common concern when creating a heritage style look is that it will make a property look darker than it is. But when combining a moody colour palette with busy patterns and hardwood furniture, don’t panic. Simply follow the golden rule: let there be light. 

Glazed internal doors are key to bringing a sense of harmony to a heritage style home. They open up space, brighten up darker corners and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Maximising the light in each room also helps to show off those gorgeous patterns, textures and colours at their best. Particularly important as the light shifts throughout the day. 

The right interior doors also create that beautiful contrast that runs through the core of the modern heritage look. Working with a new build? Add charm with rustic oak cottage doors. Renovating a period property? Weave in an element of minimalist design with glazed sliding doors. Already selected more whimsical soft furnishings? Steel-look aluminium doors can provide that industrial edge. 

A Note on Sustainability

One explanation for the popularity of modern heritage style is the opportunity to breathe new life into things from the past. Whether that’s showing an old building some TLC or passing on a cherished family heirloom to the next generation. 

And because traditional pieces are a key part of the look, we can help the planet too. From upcycling antiques to giving charity shop gems pride of place, modern heritage style is a great way to lengthen the lifespan of retro home decor items from the past. 

Our tip? Incorporating second hand items keeps your overall budget in check which leaves you free to make investment purchases. This could look like increasing your kerb appeal with a new front entrance door, improving health and safety with fire doors or making your home thermally efficient with glazed exterior doors. All great ways to boost your property value. 

Getting Started with Heritage Style

Our team of door experts are here to make your modern heritage home a reality. Simply talk to us about the look you want to create and we’ll recommend the perfect products for you. So, why wait? Ask us about the best heritage style doors today. 


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