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How do I choose an internal door handle?

We often only think of the practical impact door fixtures have. After all, you'd soon struggle to open your living room door if you forget to fit the door handles! But they're also an important part of creating a cohesive look throughout your home.

Whether you're looking to match a brand new internal door or want to breathe new life into your current doors, the right door handle can make a big difference. There's a huge range of internal door handles to sort through. Whatever design you like, you won't struggle for choice.

Before shopping for door fittings, it's important to think about your overall design. This will help you think about different styles that would fit well in your home. 

If you have a very sleek and modern monochrome aesthetic and you’ve chosen white internal doors, you may find that you prefer a more angular black door handle design. For a softer, more traditional look you might choose a more fluid, curved door handle design.

Of course, you don't have to be too strict when choosing between traditional and contemporary designs. Many people like to mix and match, and choose a range of different door handles. This can create an eclectic look, but if you choose the same finish, will still create a cohesive look without compromising function.

All of Climadoors internal door handles perfectly match style with functionality and consistent quality.

Traditional Door Handles

We have a range of door accessories that are perfect if you're looking for a more traditional style. As well as pairing with classic cottage style doors, traditional door fixtures can also offer a traditional twist to more minimalistic contemporary doors.

Options like the matt black Bakewell door handle give a classic look to any space. Curved designs lend themselves to a more classic look. If you want something more striking, angular door handles tend to look more contemporary.

Black is a popular choice for traditional door fixtures as they replicate the look of wrought iron. Another benefit of matt black is that it doesn't show fingerprints as easily as polished or satin chrome door handles. This makes them an especially tempting choice if you have children running about the place!

Traditional door handle styles can also add interesting details to glazed internal doors, like the white Suffolk glazed internal door. If you want a door handle that makes a statement, traditional designs are a wonderful option.

Modern Door Handles

Contemporary internal door fixtures offer a wide range of designs. They're mostly characterised by their sleek look, often with strong lines and a minimalist finish.

Contemporary door handles are the perfect choice to give a fashionable twist to your space.

Contemporary styles are more popular in new-build homes and minimalist homes. Unlike traditional door handle designs, they don't tend to have added flourishes. Don't think this makes them a boring choice though! Modern door fittings add a high-end style through their bold, simplistic style.

Contemporary door fittings are perfect if you want to elevate your space, like the Allestree Matt Black door handle with its angular back rose and chunky lever. 

A more contemporary design can even make an up to date addition to cottage style doors like the white Suffolk internal door for example, a style of door that beautifully bridges the gap between modern and traditional.

Door Handles Vs Door Knobs: Which is better?

When you're on the search for new door fixtures, the wide variety of options and brands can make it difficult to choose! When making the selection between a door handle and a doorknob, it predominantly comes down to your tastes. There are some practical differences between the two though.

Round door knobs tend to be favoured in period properties because they're more in line with the original door fixture that would have been used. You can also find many finishes and designs like glass, porcelain as well as more common brass options. 

They have fallen out of fashion for many though because they don't offer as much grip as door handles and are more effort to use, making them a less practical choice. This is especially problematic if you have children, mobility issues, or even wet hands from doing the washing up!

Door knobs also need to be positioned differently to avoid catching your hand on the door frame when turning the knob.

Door handles are the most common choice nowadays because they are easier to use and offer a range of styles. Handles are more convenient as you can easily open and close the door, even if you have full hands you can simply use your elbow! 

The only time to be careful is if you live in a period property, especially if the door has been previously fitted with surface mounted rim locks.

Should all interior door handles match? 

When replacing door fixtures, it raises the question if you should use the exact same design throughout your entire home. It will ultimately come down to your personal tastes. For some people, the same design can help tie the home together.

It's also much simpler to use the same door handle throughout your home, as you won't need to spend extra time shopping for complementary fixtures. 

For others, it's more important to choose a door fixture that perfectly fits the room it's in, rather than worrying about the fixtures matching throughout the home.

At Climadoor, we recommend focusing on a consistent theme for your door accessories. 

This consistency means you can have a cohesive flow throughout your home but still gives you space to make creative choices. When you choose your door accessories, make sure they have the same finish and material, or as close as you can get.

For example, choose matt black throughout the home rather than mixing matt black with a shiny chrome fixture. It can help to shop within the same range or with the same brands to find styles that have been designed to complement each other using the same materials.

Is it easy to replace an internal door handle?

Replacing a door handle is a relatively simple DIY project if you’re familiar with the process. 

That's even more reason to treat yourself to some new door furniture, right?! If however you’re not comfortable making the changes yourself, it’s probably best to get a professional to do it.

We have a number of helpful DIY guides to fit your own internal door. Our step by step guide to replacing internal doors has a helpful section on changing your hardware.

As an added bonus, our entire internal door handle collection comes with everything you need to replace your door hardware without fuss.

In Summary

Whilst choosing the right internal door handles for your home largely comes down to personal taste, it is worth making a few other considerations too. The colour, style and function of the door handles you choose can really have an impact on the aesthetics of your home, so it's worth taking some time out to nail down the type of handles you want to go for.

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