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Heritage Internal
Bifold Doors

Some internal doors fade into the background, just another functional object every room needs. Our Heritage-style internal bifold doors are stand out style choices - turning your doorways into a design feature. Our black primed solid core heritage bifold doors are available in a range of sizes and configurations. There are options for every home as we believe every home could benefit from a set of these stunning steel look internal doors.

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The Climadoor Range of Heritage Internal Bifold Doors

The heritage style internal bifold door system sits among the most popular of our Heritage door range, and it's easy to see why. Heritage bifold doors echo the industrial styling of traditional steel doors but with all of the innovation that comes with modern manufacturing. As a result, they don’t suffer the heavy weight or awkwardness that traditional steel doors do.

In fact, our interior heritage bifold doors are made with solid core engineered oak, a material that is perfect for internal door manufacturing. Robust and durable, our heritage bifold doors have a satisfying, quality feel while still being lightweight and easy to use.

The large glass panels of our heritage style doors follow a black grid-like design that helps recreate the minimalist steel frame structure of traditional industrial style doors. And whilst originally this served a structural purpose, these days it’s more decorational - so you don’t have to worry about durability.

These are bifold doors that add a beautiful art deco appearance as well as plenty of functional benefits.

With bifold internal doors, you are able to remove the divide between rooms. This type of interior door folds back completely, to leave the whole opening clear. It turns two separate living spaces into one. Our Heritage internal bifold doors are even top hung with no bottom track, making them as flexible and convenient as possible.

Our Heritage bifold doors also feature toughened clear glass to keep your home as safe as it is stylish. The large glazed panels typical of steel look doors allow natural light to flow between your rooms, and this makes them a perfect choice for rooms that are short on natural sunlight.

The heritage internal bifold door range is available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 door systems with a range of opening patterns. Shootbolts can also be added to create a traffic door and you can choose between various leaf sizes to fit openings from 1135mm wide right up to 2943mm wide.

The engineered oak solid core of these doors also means you can trim up to 6mm from each door should it be required. All the heritage bifolding internal doors are supplied with running gear, hinges, head track and dropbolts, so you don’t have to worry about fitting once they arrive. The only thing you’ll need to do is choose your door handles!

Questions about Heritage Internal Bifold Doors

Are Heritage style doors good?

If you're looking to open up your living space, making it feel brighter, bigger and more open plan, then Heritage style internal bifold doors are an excellent option.

Just like the traditional steel doors they echo, the large glass panels in these doors let natural light flow beautifully between rooms. This makes them a great choice for connecting a smaller room with a larger one, as you will still be able to soak up all that extra light even when the door is closed.

One of the reasons Heritage bifold doors are particularly popular is their distinctive steel look. Coupled with high-spec manufacturing standards, there really is no reason not to consider them as an option for your internal doors.

Can you get Heritage-style bifolds?

Yes! When it comes to Heritage-style doors, bifold door styles just make sense and here at Climadoor, where very proud to be one of only a few manufacturers offering them on a click-to-buy basis - making purchasing them even easier.

Heritage style doors were designed to recreate the look of traditional industrial steel doors. These doors mostly featured in factories and public buildings where soaring ceilings and full height steel windows created bright open-plan spaces. On the other side of the coin, bifolding doors are a relatively new concept designed to make modern living easier, so combining the two styles meant that something completely different could grace our homes.

Of course, most modern homes don't share these cavernous dimensions and fully open plan living isn't always appropriate in an age of homeworking and busy families. The slender frames and large glass panels of all heritage style doors go some way to addressing this, but heritage style bifold doors are by far the most flexible way of tackling these conflicting needs.

Do Heritage style bifold doors add value to your home?

One of the big benefits of internal bifold doors is that they can increase the value of your property.

Open-plan living is so desirable that estate agents have identified it as a selling point. A set of big, bright bifold doors can create the feel of an airy, open space, making it more appealing to buyers and heritage style bifold internal doors are no exception. 

Desirability is one of the drivers of the value of your home. This means that a set of bifold doors can actually be a long-term financial investment in your home - one that can ultimately end up paying for itself.

Do Heritage-style internal bifold doors need a track?

All internal bifold doors open by pushing runners along a track to concertina the door panels to one side and leave the doorway open. This means they will always need a track.

However, our premium range of heritage style interior bifold doors are manufactured to be top hung only. This means they operate on only one track which is fixed to the upper frame. This removes the need for a bottom track, leaving a clear walkway between your two rooms when the door is open.

Internal bifold doors that require a bottom track can pose a trip hazard (or toe-stubbing risk!) if they’re not flush with the floor, as well as remove any continuity of flooring between rooms.

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