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Heritage External Bifold Doors

Heritage External Bifold Doors

If you're looking for external doors that really make a statement, our aluminium steel-look bifold doors are perfect for adding that wow factor to your home. Pick a door set from our heritage style bifold door range and you won't just get aluminium steel look doors that look incredible. Our bifold doors also offer industry beating energy efficiency with high-quality glazing while also being equipped with the latest multipoint locking systems - ensuring your home is safe, stylish and protected.

Available in sizes ranging from 1800mm (6ft) to 4800mm (16ft)

From £2,649.00 to £5,749.00

External Bifold Doors

|Thermally Broken Aluminium|Anthracite Grey

£2649.00 - £5299.00

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The Climadoor Range of Heritage External Bifold Doors

Aluminium steel look bifold doors have the power to transform the way you both visualise and use your living space. These heritage style external doors can replace entire walls -  turning your garden into an active part of your home. With your heritage style patio doors open, the flow of air, energy and light will turn your indoors and outdoors living area into one big space. And even when they're closed, these doors will easily showcase your garden at its best with uninterrupted views.

When you pick our heritage-style aluminium steel look doors, you will get a set of doors that bring their own stunning looks to your room too.

The contrast between the art deco era steel-look door frames and the large glass panels in these patio doors make a powerful style statement, while the system's signature slim sightlines maximise the natural light in your home.

Echoing the look of traditional black steel, our aluminium heritage style doors have the same classic design and elegant lines as steel doors without the weight and are naturally corrosion resistant - suiting home decor with an ultra-modern or fashionable industrial look perfectly.

The look of traditional steel doors with all the advantages of modern technology

Our range of external bifold heritage style doors are more than just a super stylish design feature. They'll protect your home from the world outside, keeping your home safe, secure and warm.

Original steel doors have fallen out of favour as they are heavy and expensive, making them a bad choice for top hung doors such as bifolds. But the thermally broken aluminium frames of our heritage style doors are much lighter and more energy efficient, combining with the toughened double glazed glass units to deliver an impressively low U value for the whole door.

Our heritage-style doors are a secure option for your home too. Their modern and durable aluminium profiles are strong, while the multipoint locking system will keep your patio doors firmly locked to deter intruders.

Most importantly of all, our aluminium steel look doors are built to maximise safety. The large toughened double glazed panels of these heritage doors, make them up to 5 times as strong as standard glass panels.

Questions about Heritage External Bifold Doors

Which type of home will suit heritage style bifold doors?

The most common place to see bifold steel look doors is as part of the modern 'industrial trend'.

In particular, the bifold door type makes the perfect industrial style door. There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly, their slimline aluminium profiles make the most of the glass panels, echoing the vast steel windows that were once reserved for warehouses and factories.

They maximise the natural light flow, which helps recreate the big open spaces that typify the style. Open your heritage style doors and that sense of flow just increases, as they fold away completely leaving nothing but space and air between your home and garden.

The traditional style of these steel look doors don't restrict them to period properties though. Heritage doors can add a touch of retro charm to modern interiors too when paired with our range of black internal doors. Their distinctive grid-like pattern can add personality to boxy new builds and the art deco style of black heritage doors is versatile enough to seamlessly sit among contemporary, modern and minimalist design schemes too.

Are heritage style aluminium doors environmentally friendly?

Aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials currently in use, making aluminium doors an excellent option for anyone who is concerned about their impact on the environment.

This is partly because it is so durable. Aluminium doors, for example, have an expected lifespan of up to 40 years. They are low maintenance and with regular upkeep, they won't even start to lose their looks for many decades.

This durability means that aluminium can be recycled many, many times without affecting its strength. In fact, it is estimated that almost 75% of aluminium that has ever been made is still in use.

Are steel bifold doors or aluminium bifold doors better?

One of the main disadvantages of traditional steel doors is their weight. They’re also more prone to warping and corrosion. This can be an issue in any type of heritage style door, but particularly in bifolds.

The joy of bifold doors is having a door set that can be opened completely and easily on a track, merging your indoor and outdoor space into one. Steel doors can be so heavy that opening and closing them can become difficult, making you reluctant to fully open them.

With steel-look aluminium doors, you get all the aesthetic appeal of industrial style steel doors but in a set of lightweight, easy to use, easy to install doors.

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