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1. Patio Doors Provide Enhanced Natural Light

Why have all the lights on when you can let natural sunlight flood through your patio doors. Even in the winter months, patio doors let in a surprising amount of light.

Natural light has been proven to have a number health benefits including promoting a good night’s sleep, and improving mood. Sunlight is a vital source of vitamin D. More natural sunlight in the home means your body will be able to absorb more, even during the Winter. Vitamin D is required for a healthy body and mind; it produces calcium which in turn improves bone growth, lowers the risk of heart disease, weight gain and even certain cancers. For more information on the benefits of natural light, visit Healthline.

2. Patio Doors Reduce Energy Costs

As mentioned previously, the natural light streaming through your new French patio doors will reduce your energy bills dramatically. The more natural light you have, the less money you will spend on electricity to fuel artificial lights.

As well as light, sunlight also brings a natural source of heat into the home. Sun rays are generally at their strongest between 10am and 4pm, which even during winter can contribute to heating your home naturally. 

3. Patio Doors Improve Ventilation

We’ve seen how patio doors can help towards heating the home in colder months. Bifold patio doors are also a fantastic way to ventilate the entire home during warm weather. Folding back the doors on a hot day let's cool, fresh air breeze through the house, reducing the need for electric fans or air conditioning. Money saved on bills again!

4. Patio Doors Add Value To Your Property

If your garden is one of the key selling points of your home, then it would be a shame not to be able to gaze out at it throughout the year. Having a view of the garden throughout the seasons from the comfort of your living room or kitchen is top of the list for homebuyers. Grab the attention of potential buyers with large, high quality bifold patio doors. Sell a lifestyle that includes relaxed dinner parties spilling out into the garden on a summer’s eve!

5. Connect Home And Garden

Allow your garden and home to become one space. Our interest in home improvement and gardening programmes has inspired us all to embrace outdoor living a bit more. However, the good old British weather doesn’t always allow us to sit outside late into the evening without a shower or two, so enjoy a sense of still being in the garden but sheltered from the weather inside. Bring those evening summer breezes and scents inside, whilst staying cosy and dry.  

6. Patio Doors Allow More Interior Space

Bi fold patio doors usually open outwards into the garden, and unlike inward opening doors, maximise space within the home. Bifold patio doors are great for an uncluttered, modern setting. Bifolds are also an excellent choice when space is at a premium, such as in a small or awkwardly shaped room.

7. Patio Doors Are High Security

It may seem that because of the large area of glass in patio doors, that they are less secure than regular external doors. This is definitely not the case as patio doors today are tamper proof, even when hinged on the outside of the building. All Climadoor French patio doors and bifold patio doors feature a multipoint locking system and toughened safety glass as standard.

8. Patio Doors Are Low Maintenance

With a choice of weather resistant materials such as treated wood patio doors, aluminium bifold doors and hardwearing uPVC, keeping patio doors maintained is easier than ever. All wood patio door frames are treated to be rot and mold resistant, whereas aluminium frames are unlikely to rust or warp. uPVC is extremely durable, and being available in colours other than white helps with the task of keeping them looking clean and presentable. 

9. Patio Doors Modernise Your Home Exterior

Patio door designs have come a long way since their beginnings. Available with sleek slimline frames such as the Industrial style doors in our Heritage range through to large, single paned sliding doors, modern patio doors have adorned many architecture and interior design magazine pages over the years. Patio doors are seen as less of a feature themselves, but an enhancement of the exterior of a building. Folding patio doors are also considered a minimal visual barrier to the garden or surrounding landscape regardless of the material they're made from. Gone are the days of clunky white plastic frames.  

10. Patio Doors Are Customisable

In the early days patio doors were limited in their appeal and in the materials and colours available to the customer. Today, exterior patio doors can be made to measure - whatever size, shape or space that you hope to install in. There are multiple styles, materials and colours available to ensure that all aspects perfectly compliment your home's design.


In Summary

With many things to weigh up when it comes to choosing new external doors, it's easy to get lost in all the jargon and choices. If you've decided that patio doors are the right choice for you, we hope we've been able to help with our list of benefits!

Further Questions

Are patio doors worth it?

Patio doors are definitely a more costly investment than a standard single-leaf external door. However, with the lifestyle and design benefits they bring, many people consider them worth the money. This feeling of worth can be increased even more when people find out about the impact they can have on the value of your home.

How do I choose a patio door?

Picking the perfect patio door is always a personal decision. It will depend on your budget, the size of your home and garden, plus your own personal preference. If space is at a premium in your garden, then French doors are probably not a great option while sliding doors take up no space when open. Bifold doors are a great ‘in-between’ option. Alternatively, if your garden is overlooked, then a set of French doors will offer more privacy to your home than a wide open set of bifolds.

Are patio doors popular?

Patio doors are an extremely popular choice in the UK. Since uPVC exploded on to the scene, making patio doors a secure, safe but still cost-effective option, they have remained a consistent choice to help people fill their homes with light and use their space more flexibly.

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