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Can your Roomfold Standard and Roomfold Deluxe sets be trimmed to fit our existing opening?

All our Roomfold sets can be trimmed on both height and width to fit existing openings. Its a simple calculation Outer frame sizes can be reduced in width by a maximum of 12mm per door - so if you have a 3 doors then 3 x 12mm equals 36mm. Or if you have 5 doors 5 x 12mm equals 60mm. 

On height - all oak door options can be reduced by 70mm in height, as long as the trimming is done of both the top and bottom of the door - proportionately to the top and bottom rail sizes. All cut edges must be sealed fully afterwards to prevent moisture ingress which will affect the door if it not sealed properly. Whilst you will be cutting into the core material of the door - the doors will work fine as long as the correct fixing screws are used. 

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