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What is an engineered Oak veneered internal door?

Our doors are manufactured using LVL (Laminated Veneered Lumber). This is more commonly known as engineered timber and is the most modern method of construction retaining the stunning looks of oak whilst ensuring economical use of available natural timber resources. The main parts, including stiles and rails of the door are usually constructed using solid strips/blocks of timber (some internals may contain a laminated board and/or particleboard), which are then glued and then clamped together. This gives guaranteed stability as the internal stresses of any timber parts work against each other to keep the pieces straight. They are then faced with a veneer and edged with a solid timber lipping, which is normally anywhere between 8 and 18mm thick.

The benefits of using engineered construction doors over more traditional methods are; The door is more cost effective to produce, bringing the price of oak doors into everyones budget, It is far more unlikely to bow, twist, or split like solid oak doors can and possibly the most important reason is that it is much more Eco friendly making the best use of our natural resources!

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