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Should Patio Doors Open In or Out?

Should Patio Doors Open In or Out?

When shopping for patio doors there are other factors to consider other than fit, design, type of patio doors, or price. You’ll also need to think about the way your door encroaches on its surroundings as it opens and closes. 

We’ve all been in a situation where a badly thought out door opening has left us having to squeeze between the door and a wall! This scenario is not just reserved for internal doors - unless you’re opting for an external sliding door that runs along a single plain, you’ll need to consider the direction in which your door will open.


Do Exterior Patio Doors Have to Open Inwards?

The majority of external doors - especially front doors will open inwards. But why is this? Inward opening doors can be justified by the following three main factors:


Exterior doors are primarily used to secure a property against would-be intruders. Historically, outward-opening doors would have their hinges on the outside leaving criminals with the opportunity to sabotage the hinges and remove the entire door. Today, outward-opening doors have their hinges protected – but they’re still more vulnerable than their inward-opening counterparts.

All of our French patio doors and bifold patio doors are offered with a multipoint locking system as standard. Our external bi fold doors are also supplied with Secured By Design approved ironmongery - an unbeatable offer on any exterior folding door.


Outward opening external doors are inevitably more exposed to mother nature. A strong wind might slam a set of French patio doors shut so hard that it may cause injury or shatter the glass. Wood patio doors that open outward are also more exposed to rainwater than their inward-opening counterparts – particularly if the top of the door hasn’t been finished with the same attention as the front and back. But these issues can be reduced with considerate use and maintenance.

At Climadoor, all our external patio doors are supplied with a minimum 3 coats of durable coating, and all products are backed by a 10 year guarantee.


In some circumstances, inward-opening doors are safer than outward opening ones. In the case of fire, it’s easier for rescuers to smash their way through an inward-opening door.

Having a door open inward will also remove the possibility of opening it into the path of a person on the other side - a real concern if it's a door that opens straight out into a plublic space!

Outward opening bifold patio doors

If you are short on space inside and outside, bifold patio doors may be the perfect solution. Opening outwards the windows concertina. Bifold doors slide into position along a rail and fold neatly to the side of the doorway, taking up less of your outside space. Bi folding patio doors have excellent integrity when it comes to safety, security and weather proofing.


In Summary

When it comes to patio door installation, they will almost always open outwards, especially French style patio doors. Patio doors are meant to allow a flow from the house into the garden. Throwing open the doors on a summer's day, letting the kids and the dog (and the neighbours cat) run freely between the two spaces, creating one large open and light space is the intention most homeowners have in mind. There may be instances though, especially in built up areas where outside space is limited and maybe an inward-opening french patio door is more suitable. 

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