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Concertina Doors for Small Spaces

Concertina doors are excellent for small spaces as they take up a much smaller footprint in your room. The way that the door folds means you don’t need to worry about placing objects to the left or right of the opening as the door won’t open out towards you.

Alternatively, if you’re opting for a more streamlined and minimalist room, a concertina door doesn’t detract the eye from the rest of the space, and its design and function creates the illusion of a larger room.

Concertina Doors for Cupboards

Cupboards such as a pantry, can often feel old-fashioned in their design, but they’re a great storage space for non-perishables, coats, shoes, and washing equipment. To bring a modern twist to a pantry or cupboard, a concertina door is the perfect solution.

Today, the IKEA generation are all about creating space and packing a lot of things into smaller spaces, and this is where a concertina door works brilliantly. For an easy to use, minimalistic design and function, the flexibility of a concertina door allows you to save space inside and outside your pantry or cupboard due to its folding nature, and with the different materials and patterns that concertina doors come in, you can really modernise the look of your door.

Concertina Doors for Wardrobes

A concertina door for a wardrobe is an excellent way to, not only save space in your closet, but to streamline the process of the opening and closing of your wardrobe doors. The folding of the wardrobe means very little space is taken up in and around your closet - more room for clothes! And, a concertina door is especially useful if you organise your clothes with what you wear the most at the front of the rail and what you wear the least at the back. This way, you won’t have the open the full closet in order to access your day-to-day clothes.

Concertina Doors for Bathrooms

An ensuite bathroom would really benefit from a concertina door.

If you have an open-plan bedroom and ensuite, sometimes you still want that extra little bit of privacy, whether that’s by installing a wall or some form of door. Not only are concertina doors really easy to install, they’re also great for allowing you to have an open-plan bedroom and bathroom situation with the added bonus of being able to close the areas off whenever you wish.

If you have a smaller bathroom, or small ensuite, using a concertina door allows you to use the space that would have been taken up by the opening and closing of a standard door as extra space.

 We hope this guide will help you understand how to choose the right internal folding door for your home and if you have any queries about which door will work best, our friendly team is here to help so get in touch.

In Summary

A concertina door, or a bifold door, are great ways to let in light and make a room look bigger, but they’re also excellent for providing you with extra space.

In this article, we have touched on small areas of your home that would benefit from a concertina, bifolding door, but they actually work really well in larger areas, too.


Further Questions

What Is a concertina door?

Concertina doors are pretty similar to bifold doors, in that they can close and open up spaces, much larger than the size of a standard door. But, concertina doors for small spaces enable the user to have a flexible opening in their home that can easily be closed off, much like a normal door, but it’s lightweight, airy, and can still allow natural light to travel through the spaces.

How do concertina doors work?

Concertina doors are made up of multiple panels, whether it’s glass, wood, plastic, or fabric, which fold back on themselves. Your standard door opens by pushing the door away from you or by pulling the door towards you, on one set of hinges. A concertina, or bifold, door opens by pushing the first panel back on itself until it reaches the hinges on the next panel, and carrying on this motion until the panels are stacked up at the end and the space has been opened up.

When purchasing, consider how to open a concertina door and whether it would fit the area that you wish to install it. For a concertina door to work properly you need to ensure that you have enough space to operate the door and enough space at the end of the track for the panels to stack up without being in the way of the rest of your space. Concertina doors are great space saver, it would be a shame to have a large amount of space taken up by using too many panels!

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