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What Tools You Need:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • ¼” drill bit for wooden subfloors or 3/8” drill bit for concrete subfloors
  • 5/8” drill bit
  • Metal washers
  • Masking tape
  • Another person to help you attach the door would be useful

How To Install Trackless Bifold Doors On Laminate Flooring

  1. The first thing you will need to do is put masking tape on your laminate flooring around where you will be installing the doors. This will protect your flooring while you drill the holes for the bracket. The tape will also be easier to draw on than your floor.

  2. Once the tape is down you will need to position the bottom bracket next to the door jamb, in the centre. Use your pencil to mark a hole for the screw – this will be the hole that holds your floor to the ground.

  3. Take the smaller drill bit (base the size on the material of your subfloor) and drill a hole where your pencil mark is. The hole you drill needs to be about an inch wide and will need to go through the laminate and into the subfloor. You can check the size of the hole by putting a plastic screw in the hole.

  4. Next you need to drill a second hole. Use your 5/8” drill bit as this needs to be wider. This hole should only go through your laminate and it will help ensure your floating doors can move as they should.

  5. Put a metal washer over the hole in the subfloor. Check beforehand that your screw can go through the washer. Load a few more washers on top of the hole in the subfloor until they come sit ¼ of an inch on top of your laminate flooring. You need to reposition the bracket on top of the washers and put the screw through the hole in the bracket down into the subfloor.

  6. You will then need to screw another hole into the jamb to hold the bracket to the door frame.

  7. Once this is done you can remove any masking tape you put down at the beginning.

How To Add Tracking To Your Internal Bifold Doors

You will now need to add the tracking for the doors. You will be adding this to the top of the doorframe so you need to put the tracking in position. Use your pencil to mark where you will be adding the screws and drill the holes as needed. When you’ve done that, screw the track onto the door frame.

If you look at the installation kit that came with the doors you should find three pins. You are now going to put the pins into the door. The first pin you should find is a smooth pin, the door should already have holes in so it should be a case of inserting this into the hole at the top, on the side where the hinge is. You should then have a roller pin, the one with the nylon cap on top. Put this in the other hole on the top of the door.

Make sure this goes all the way in, if you’re struggling you could use a hammer but be very careful and only tap it lightly. You should have one final pin which is meta with ridges on. You want to put this pin on the same side as the smooth metal pin but on the bottom of the door. Once all the pins are in, you can put the door in place. This is where another person might prove useful. Insert the pins at the top of the door into the tracking first and then connect your ridged pin into the bottom bracket.

Once that’s all done, you should be all set. You can now enjoy your new bifold doors.

We also have a helpful guide to installing bi-fold doors on carpeted flooring so you can fit bifold doors anywhere in your home.

Check out our full range of internal bifold doors here and if you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our friendly customer service team.

In Summary

If you want to find out how to install bifold doors on carpet flooring, we've put together a little guide for that for that too.

Check out our full range of bifold doors on our website. With lines of internal French doors and French folding doors to boot, there's plenty of options available that will lighten up the interior of your home. Head over to our FAQs  section if you have any questions, they may have already been answered. If you have patio doors in mind, we also have a line of external bifold doors on our website that can really transform a space. 

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