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The Best Internal Bifold Doors

We sell a very large range of bifold doors with varying designs so we have something to suit everyone’s tastes. We have three different types of internal folding doors, the Roomfold Standard, the Roomfold Deluxe and the Roomfold Grande. We decided to create a list of the best internal bi-fold doors we offer.

Glazed Oak P10 RoomFold Clear Doors

These doors have full-length clear glass panels and are surrounded by oak. They are one of the most popular styles of bi-fold door, mostly due to the fact that the set can be decorated or stained to the colour and style that you prefer. This standard system is available in either 3 or 4 door sets, and are offered in a large range of styles so you should be able to find one for your room. They are also offered with no floor track, this means that the whole room can have a seamless floor, without a track in the middle. It also means that you don’t have to worry about installing a track.

Oak Mexicano RoomFold Grande

To go with our Mexicano internal door range, we also have the Mexicano internal bifold door. These doors have a cottage door style. You get the advantage of being able to shut a room completely off and with high-quality folding doors. If you have the Mexicano internal doors too, you can match your doors, showing how much attention to detail you put into the interior of your home. These doors don’t use a track along the floor either, but the upper track still provides you with a smooth folding door. The Mexicano range uses only the best unfinished solid core engineered oak doors.

White 4L Shaker RoomFold Deluxe Doors

These bifold doors are created with high-quality white primed finished with clear toughened glass, helping the door achieve its contemporary look. Due to the clear glass throughout the door, it allows you to shut off the other side of the room while still being able to see through. These doors come in many different sizes and are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 door systems so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Oak Aston RoomFold Grande – Clear

These doors have more of a traditional style, using glazed unfinished oak with clear toughened safety glass. These doors are very simplistic but still look stylish and they let the light flow through the room seamlessly. The Aston doors are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 door systems and can also be adjusted in both height and width to fit the non-standard door openings. They comes without the floor track again, however, the head track still allows your door to run smoothly.

Contemporary White 4L RoomFold Deluxe Doors

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look for your rooms, these are definitely the bifold doors for you. These deluxe doors offer a patterned solid white primed door, with 4 frosted glass panels per leaf. It is great to be able to close off a room off and then be able to open it all up, that’s exactly what these doors do. They come with both a head track and a floor track, both help make sure that the door runs smoothly across the room. These particular RoomFold doors are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 door systems so there’s bound to be one for your room.

York Oak RoomFold Deluxe Interior Doors

If you’re looking for some bifold doors that can also match your other interior doors, these might be the right bifold doors for you. The York Oak doors come with both a head and base track, this tends to be most common when the doors become longer. They are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 door systems, and come in a large variety of leaf sizes, this allows you to choose the best sizes for your needs. If you still cannot find one to fit your door frame, these doors are adaptable and can be adjusted by the width and height a fair bit.

Lincoln Oak RoomFold Interior Doors

The Lincoln Oak doors are also offered as more of a traditional range of internal doors. They are made with unfinished glazed oak and clear hardened glass. They are available in 3 and 4 door sets, meaning they’re not our biggest door, however, the stylish door makes up for it. Also, if you’re looking for a door that you have without fitting a base track, this type of door might be right for you. The sets are also reversible, meaning you have the doors open whichever way you’d like. They start at 533mm for the door leaf size, and go all the way up to 686mm wide, this means you should be able to find one for your door frame.

Prefinished Glazed Oak RoomFold Deluxe 

This prefinished door set means that they are ready to install straight away, without any decorating. These doors are offered with a solid core, engineered oak and clear glass door panels. These are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 door sets, giving you an amazing range of sizes to choose from. Again, if you don’t find the exact size you need, these doors can be trimmed a little to fit your door frame. Be sure to have a long look through all of the sizes beforehand, though.

Oslo Prefinished Oak RoomFold Interior Doors

The oslo doors are also provided with prefinished engineered oak with strong clear glass. This means that once they arrive, they can be fitted straight away, without having to decorate anything. The doors have narrow horizontal lines through the glass, this still lets the light flow through the room. These RoomFold doors are from the Standard range, so they are available in 3 and 4 sets, but still come in a variety of sizes. These doors don’t need a floor track either, so they allow you to still have a seamless room. This set is also reversible, so you can decide which way you want your doors to open.

Walnut 4L RoomFold Grande – Clear Prefinished

This walnut set offers a contemporary styling which is becoming rather popular, especially in modern homes. This set is made from toughened clear glass with a warmer colour wood. Explaining why its name is Walnut. The colour is known to make you feel warmer, as the colour is warmer whereas the glass still allows the light to pass through the rooms. As the door, doesn’t need a floor track, they can be put on any materials and if the door is a little too big. The doors can be trimmed a little if done properly.

There are our top 10 internal bifold doors. We wanted to make sure there were lots of different styles of doors, as well as colours. So, everyone could find a door for their home. It’s not just internal bifold doors, shop the whole bifold doors section for safe & secure external bifold patio doors too.

What is the Difference Between French Doors & Patio Doors?

It’s vital that you understand the differences between French and patio doors when looking to make a purchase for your house; after all, they are a large investment when compared to smaller items and decorations.

Traditionally, the words ‘patio doors’ refer to sliding doors, but this has changed over time to cover a large range of different doors that open either into your garden or patio area, as well as sliding open.

External French doors are actually included in this, along with bifolding, but typically when people say ‘patio’ doors they refer to the sliding style.

In this post we’re going to compare the differences between traditional sliding patio doors and the increasingly popular French doors to help you make an informed decision when making your CLIMADOOR purchase.



French Patio Doors

Typically double hinged, French patio doors fold and open outwards, giving you full access to the gap or opening of the frame with which they are installed.

Being able to access the full opening of the doors is great in smaller spaces or when opening into smaller gardens; where space internally or externally is really important.

However, the maximum size of a French ‘leaf’ – the panel of each door – is approximately 900m, meaning the maximum size you can purchase is 1800mm. If you’re looking to cover a large opening, French doors probably won’t be an option.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors give you the ability of much wider opening spaces, with designs capable of reaching widths of up to 4200mm, from a starting width of around 1600mm.

Because of the sliding design, they are extremely beneficial when space is restricted for openings either inside or outside of the house, as they don’t open towards walls.

The downside to sliding patio doors is that only 50% of the space can be open at any one time, meaning half of the door will be blocking the space at all times – minimum.

Sliding doors have actually decreased in popularity due to the fact that only 50% will be open at any one time, and newer bifolding styles have entered the market which give the benefits of both French doors – opening full width – and the large area size of sliding patio doors.

It’s this reason that means we only offer French and bifolding external patio doors at CLIMADOOR, rather than outdated sliding doors.


The cost of course varies depending on the style and size you purchase, but sliding doors are typically slightly cheaper than French doors when larger than 1800mm, due to the hardware, manufacturing methods and the mechanisms used being slightly more cost effective.


Every door that you purchase should come with some security features, but you need to make sure you look out for the following:

Multipoint Locks

These are essential; preventing doors from being unlocked or forced open using 3 or 5 point locks that joint the door and frame when closed.

Opening Restrictors

All doors should be supplied with opening restrictors, but if not we’d definitely advise getting some. These prevent doors from being blown open in the wind – typically with French doors that fold.

Cover Splines

French doors should also be supplied with cover splines to cover the gap between the doors where they meet. This is the weakest area on the door and needs extra reinforcement so you can be confident of security.

Anti-Bump Cylinder

All lock barrels on the doors should be provided with anti-bump cylinders, which will prevent the barrels from being forced through and offer extra security.

Thermal Performance

When it comes to purchasing doors, also consider the prices you could potentially save on your energy bills.

Remember to check the U value on each door – the lower the better – and you need to make sure that your doors comply with Part L of the Building Regulations, which looks at double glazing; ensure you have toughened glass units that comply with BSE 12600 and 12150. These are a must for both safety and performance.

Not convinced about our French and Patio doors? We have a huge range of bifold doors available too!

Bifold vs Frenchfold Doors – Which One Will You Choose?

If you’ve been on the lookout for folding doors for the inside of your home, you’ve probably already spotted our bifolding and Frenchfolding door ranges right here on CLIMADOOR.

It’s important that you’re completely happy with the choice that you make, as we appreciate that every investment you make for your home has to be the one that provides real value to you.

In order for you to make the best decision for your home, there are four pointers that you need to consider:

Furniture Layout & Access Door Preference

Try to envision your revitalised room, complete with CLIMADOOR doors, of course. Where will your furniture be going, will it be moving at all?

It’s common for the type of door you purchase to be dictated by the furniture layout in your home. Where will be appropriate for doors to be opening?

Bifolding doors allow access through the end door as there are connecting to either a head or a base track; when opening the doors, they will stack together and protrude into the room at 90 degrees.

Bifold doors - all closed

The Lincoln from our bifolding range:

Frenchfolding doors open in the middle rather than the end, and there is more flexibility in how you can open and close them. You can open one or both of the middle doors, and even the end doors (known as sidelights) can be folded back against the wall.

Frenchfold doors with sidelights folded back

The Shaker Oak Glazed from our Frenchfold range:

As mentioned previously, a lot of your choice will depend on whether you need to access your room via a door on the side or in the middle – which is commonly furniture dependent – but can also be influenced by your wall layout.

Door Pattern

If you have no preference over accessing your door via the side or the middle, you can make a choice based on whether you want an odd or even number of doors.

Because of the tracks involved with bifolding doors and the nature of their operation, you’ll usually need an odd number of doors (which retains the daily access door at the end) although we do have some styles available with an even number.

With Frenchfolding, you’ll almost always get an even number of doors, with the middle two opening together – although we do have three door Frenchfolding options available (with an individual opening middle door).

Sizes Available

Once you’ve got the style in mind that you want, it’s all down to finding the right size.

The majority of the time, you’ll be able to find the style you want in the right size for your home. However, if you have a particularly wide area to cover, you will be limited to bifolding doors; this style is capable of being made into 5 or even 6 doors, whereas Frenchfold is limited to 4.

It’s That Easy!

Once you’ve figured out which type of door is best for your furniture layout, where you want your access door, whether you want an odd or even number of doors and whether you can get the style you want in the correct size, it’s on to the fun stuff – choosing which type of frame and glass you think will make your home look best!

Our bifold doors aren’t just for inside the home, check out our safe & secure external patio door designs!

Internal bi-folding doors in a lounge

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Correct Internal BiFold Door System

Purchasing any door can be an arduous task, but when you’re after something a little more stylish such as internal bifold doors, we’re aware that things can get a little complicated.

We’re making things easy for you. In fact, this buyer’s guide promises you just one thing: jargon-free assistance to finding which bi-folding doors are right for you.

First things first…

What is a bi-folding door?

Typically, a bi-folding system includes three doors that fold in two places; hence the name bi-folding. However, the name also usually extends to any doors which fold, regardless of the quantity of folds that it has – there aren’t many people that refer to a name of tri-fold doors or quad-fold doors!

What size of bi-folding door do I need?

All products are manufactured to a standard height of 2074mm. However, if needed, you are able to trim the doors right down to 2040mm – and of course any height in between.

When it comes to the width, we start manufacturing our internal bifold doors from 1671mm (66” – 5ft 6) and all the way up to 4652mm (183” – 15ft 3).

Simply measure the space that you want to hang your internal door system and you’ll be good to begin looking for the perfect size for your home. You should always look at standard door sizes in order to keep costs down, but with the help of an experienced joiner you should always be able to fit interior bifold doors without any hassle at all; they’re much less difficult to fit than their external counterparts.

A common question we’re asked is whether we supply doors with an even number of doors, with two on the left and two on the right for example. Whilst these can be supplied, customers are often left annoyed with this style after a few months because you’re unable to just open one door – you always have to open two. As a result, systems with an uneven quantity of doors (usually three or five) are much more popular.

If you have any doubt over the size of the door that you need, call us up and one of our advisors will be available to help you out between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Do you need a tracked or trackless system?

One thing you need to look out for when purchasing your bi-folding doors is whether it’s a tracked or trackless system.

Trackless systems – such as our Roomfold Standard – are far more popular because they do not leave a threshold strip or metal track visible when you have your doors open; all of the running gear is in the head of the door. Tracked systems connect to the bottom and therefore need a track running underneath the doors, which is generally considered a less visually appealing option.

However, the benefit of top-hung systems with base tracks are that they can work with much bigger door panel widths, making glass areas bigger, and access doors bigger too. It’s this reason that makes our Roomfold Deluxe system so popular too.

Aston Frosted Doors

What style of door do you want?

Now that we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, we can begin to look at what style of door you want – which interior door is going to bring your house to life.

The first thing you want to consider is the type of frame you’ll be wanting – will you want oak or white? All CLIMADOOR products are designed with a solid core; not air filled and lightweight like cheaper alternatives.

You’ll then want to decide what type of glass you’ll be after in the windows; will you choose glazed (clear) or frosted?

The truth is, picking the design is the easy part – and the most fun!

Once you know the basics such as the size you need and what type of internal bifold doors you’re after, it’s down to personal taste and the style of your home interior to find the perfect style of door to suit. Head to the full bifold doors range for our safe & secure external patio door options too!