Energy Saving Tips for Home Owners

If the weather forecasts are to be believed, we’re in for yet another cold winter. Fuel prices have increased more than once this year, and it’s getting harder and harder for even middle income families to keep up with the ever increasing bills. That’s why energy saving measures are so important. Just a few simple steps can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money and making you more comfortable at the same time.

Start with the windows and doors

If you live somewhere with a lot of older builds, then you might not have double glazing on your windows. Before you do change your windows it is worth checking that there are not any local laws that dictate what you can and can’t do to older properties. You lose a lot of heat through your windows, so investing in new frames and double glazing is an easy way to make savings. A pair of good quality patio doors can actually let a lot of sunlight into a room, saving on lighting costs. It can take a few years to pay off if you have to pay the full fee for the new windows, but there is a lot of financial aid available for people looking to make their homes greener. If you qualify for aid, it can knock a huge amount of money off the bill.

If you’re looking for a lower cost way to save on heating, then consider fitting draft excluders to your doors. This costs next to nothing, and should make a huge difference to your heating bill, assuming you remember to shut your doors to keep the heat in!

Investigate Insulation

While windows and doors are the main sources of heat loss for most people, walls and roves are also major culprits. If you already have insulation, make sure it’s nice and thick, and covers everywhere. If you don’t have insulation, it’s definitely worth finding out how much it would cost to get some.

Solar Panels

There are a lot of companies advertising solar panels as a way to save money, or as a way to get some cash back from supplying power to the grid. While the benefits of the panels are often overstated by the sales people, that’s not to say that the benefits don’t exist. If you can get a deal where the panels are fitted for free then you could enjoy a reduction in your electricity bill. Just make sure that you do your research, and that you have the rights to get the panels fitted on your property.

Set your thermostat properly

You’ve probably heard the “trick” of turning down the thermostat by one degree to save money on heating. It’s an often repeated tip, and with good reason, it works. You’re unlikely to notice a single degree difference in temperature. Many people have their thermostats set to summer-like temperatures, and this can actually be a bad thing, as you’ll really feel the cold when you go outside! You’ll save money, and feel more comfortable, if you let yourself adapt to slightly cooler temperatures. If you feel like it, you can always warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate on an evening.

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