Stay Safe: Learn the hazards around your home


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The home is a dangerous place, with all types of hazards conspiring to ruin your day. We’ve put together a trusty guide of all the worst hazards so you can take steps to protect yourself and your family. Let’s have a look at the biggest things we need to watch out for.

Upturned plugs – arguably the worst pain in the world. If you’re lucky you will be wearing socks but more often than not disaster will strike when you have bare feet.

Dangerously low wifi signal – Is there any greater heartache than seeing GPRS on your phone or two bars on your computer?

Hitting snooze is a very dangerous game. While you really appreciate those few beautiful extra minutes it often means you’re more tired when you wake and you don’t have time for that beloved coffee.

Cold water when you’re mid shower is the worst, especially in winter. Do you brave the cold to finish your shower or get out covered in soapsuds?

Low phone battery is devastating and it always seems to happen when you need your phones the most.

Spilt red wine – on the sofa, on the white shirt, on the cream carpet. Tastes so good, stains so easily.

Spider in the bath. This hazard always seems to happen the most when you’re home alone. It’s like they can smell the fear.

Lego underfoot – ouch. Which is more painful – standing on lego or standing on a plug? Let us know your thoughts.

No toilet roll – you never seem to notice until it’s too late, and everyone becomes a prankster when you’re stuck on the loo. Always put toilet roll on the shopping list.

Bin juice spillage – it doesn’t matter that you bought the ‘extra strong’ bin liners, at some point everyone will fall victim to bin juice spillage.

Missing remote control – the remote always disappears down the arm of the sofa yet it always make sense to search every corner of the living room first and interrogate every family member who might have been the last to use it.

Low on teabags – when you desperately need a cuppa and you either run out of teabags or milk.

Coloured socks in the white wash. Everyone’s experienced this but to this day no one knows how the coloured sock got there.

Weekend alarm clock – When you forget to turn off the alarm and get woke up to the ever familiar sound at 6am on a Saturday. At least you get to go back to sleep safe in the knowledge it’s a false alarm.

Cold bathroom floor – when you wake in the middle of night and leave the warm cosy bed to visit the ice cold floor of the bathroom.

Toilet seat left up – It takes a lot of effort to lift the toilet seat up so who can blame the boys for not putting the seat down after. Just make sure you check before you sit down.

Charger won’t reach the sofa – when you have low phone battery, facebook notifications to check and a charger that won’t reach from the socket to the sofa, why is life so cruel?!

Shampoo in your eyes is one of the most painful hazards we encounter every day but unfortunately it’s the risk we have to take.

Low on toothpaste – Toothpaste doesn’t last forever but the fight isn’t over until the tube has been bent into the craziest shapes.

Toe stubbing hazard – you’ve lived in your house for several years but no matter how familiar you are with your home, at some point you will still stub your toe on your bed post.

Hungry and grumpy pets – they’ve already been fed their dinner but they act like they haven’t eaten in a week.

Gravel in shoe. How did the stones even get in there though?

Carpet burns – another pain that happens out of the blue.

No clean underwear – you’re forever doing laundry but for some reason you can never find clean underwear.

Mismatched socks. Where do all the socks go, it’s virtually impossible to find a pair.

Cat on stairs – When you’ve got a cat you can never walk down the stairs without looking again.

Risk of moths – When it’s a lovely day, it’s nice to have the windows open and let in that glorious cool breeze. Until evening time, when you turn on the big light and find moths flying around the lampshade.

Forgotten alarm code – Life comes with too many passwords and passcodes but not all scream loud enough for the world to hear when you can’t remember the code.

So these hazards are a bit of fun although you can’t deny the struggle some of them cause. Take care at home and if you are looking to make some home improvements, check out our bi-fold doors.

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