How to beat your family at board games EVERY TIME!

We all know how competitive we get when it comes to playing board games with our family. You could be having a lovely Christmas Day, lots of lovely new gifts, a nice wholesome dinner, a few glasses of bubbly, feet up on the sofa with the tin of chocolates next to you… it’s all going well until someone suggests a game of Monopoly. Board games are a fun tradition but let’s face it, we all want to win. Monopoly had to create a hotline in recent years, where experts were on hand with the official rule book, after it was revealed 51% of games end in a row.

But it’s not just a Christmas problem, you never know when someone might next suggest bringing the board games out of the loft… after a Sunday roast, when you can’t find anything to watch on tele, when the kids have gone to bed… Board game gate could happen anytime and unless you want to spend the rest of eternity being reminded by Uncle John about that time he stole all your money and left you bankrupt, you better get clued up.

We’ve created some fun graphics to show you the sneaky tricks that will help you win at the most popular board games, every time! Say goodbye to losing and get ready to watch the smirk disappear from Uncle John’s face…

How to win at… Monopoly

How to win at monopoly everytimeMonopoly is probably the most popular board game which is why we had to feature this in our games guide. It may seem like the game is dependent on the luck of the dice but there’s a few tricks you need to know if you like to win.

  • Buy early – when you first start playing the board is empty – there’s so many opportunities for purchase. Get your foot into the property market early and you can start making money off your friends and family.
  • Known the footfall – while sure your fate is in the hands of the dice, experts suggest there are certain positions on the board then are more frequently landed on by players. Orange is the most landed on spot on the board so if you can buy the orange properties. Brown properties are the least landed on so maybe give them a miss.
  • Create a ‘Monopoly’ – purchase properties of the same colour and create a monopoly. This will double your rest bringing you home more money.
  • Stop other people’s ‘monopolies’ – if you steal other people’s chances of getting a monopoly, not only do you stop their profit but you can use it as a bargaining tool later. Win-win!
  • Spend some time in jail – if you’re in a good place and you can smell the sweet scent of success, don’t be disappointed if you get some jail time. While behind bars you can’t land on any properties.

How to win at… Scrabble

how to win at scrabble everytime

Contrary to belief, scrabble isn’t about how smart you are. You don’t need a PHD to be successful at scrabble, you just need to know a few tricks.

  • Learn some two and three letter words – these can be the easiest to fit on the board, they are simple to remember and you can create some unexpected high cores. XI, XU, ZA… and yes they are real words.
  • Pluralise words – you don’t necessarily need to create big words yourself, let other people do the hard work and pluralise them when its your turn.
  • Aim to hit bonus squares – the extra points will help especially if you’re struggling.
  • Know your tiles – if you have a rough idea of how many of each letter there is in the game then you can guess what your opponents have left to play. You can use that to create your own strategy.
  • Layout your rack in a helpful order – put common word endings (e.g. ‘ed’ and ‘ing’) on the right hand side of the rack so you can put together more complex words easier.

How to win at…Cluedo

how to win at cluedo everytime

You don’t need to be a psychic or a mind-reader to win at Cluedo. You simply need to know a few tricks at will give you advantage point.

  • Don’t use the cards provided – use your own paper. This may seem strange but on the provided paper the information is in a set place. Your opponents may see the position where you scribble and this will give them a good idea of what you’re marking off. If you use your own paper you don’t give anything away.
  • Stay in the rooms – the longer you are in there the more guessing you can do.
  • Know the secret passageways – yes they exist.

How to win at… Battleship

how to win at battleships everytime

Keep your ships afloat with our handy guide to winning Battleships.

  • Experts say you are most likely to get a hit if you aim for the centre of the board.
  • Only shoot at odd or even numbers, it reduces the amount of turns you need to find a ship.
  • Learn what the masses do – experts say people either go for a touching or non-touching approach and there is a heatmap to suggest where people position their ships.

How to win at… Connect Four

how to win at connect four everytime

Everyone know’s the old trick to winning noughts and crosses now, but did you know there’s a similar method that will help you win Connect Four… every time?

  • Control the centre line – it gives you more directions to play in.
  • Block three’s. Don’t wait to stop people at the final hurdle, prevent them getting three in a row to make sure they don’t sneak a victory.
  • Create a multi-pronged attack. Place your counters in several different places so you have multiple opportunities to win. If you’re committed to winning, learn the 7 trap.

How to win at… Chess

how to win at chess in only four moves

Did you know you can win at chess in only four steps? Sure, if you’re playing a chess champion they might be familiar with the move and block you from the off. If, however, you are playing with a novice, try your luck and impress them with a quick win.

We hope you liked our latest fun piece and we hope our tips bring you success. May the odds be ever in your favour.

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