How Much Pizza Do You Get For $1 Around The World

Ever wondered how the price of pizza differs around the world? We’ve put together a graphic looking at how many slices of pizza you’d get for $1 in a variety of countries around the globe. We’ve compared the average prices for a large Margherita to keep things fair and consistent. The graphic also includes information about any unique or interesting pizzas you can get in the region because as well as price differences, some of the toppings were very intriguing.

Pizza prices around the world

How does your country compare? Feel free to share the graphic and let us know if you resist the temptation of ordering from your favourite takeaway after reading.

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CountryPrice Of Large MargheritaNo Of Slices For $1Unique/Interesting Pizzas From The Region
New Zealand$3.462.3Angus Beef Lovers
Poland$4.901.6Oh la la Paris
Indonesia$5.001.6Prawn Okoyaki
South Africa$5.631.4Makon Avo Feta
Australia$6.041.3Reef & Beef
Romania$7.981Pizza Rodeo
Philippines$7.981Bacon Cheeseburger
Kazakhstan$8.121Spicy Curry Pizza
Bangladesh$9.090.9Chicken Exotica
Mexico$8.590.9Franco American
Greece$9.380.9Cream Chese
Thailand$9.300.9Seafood Mixed Tom Yum Pizza
Vietnam$8.750.9Seafood with Black Pepper Sauce
Malaysia$9.530.8Blazing Seafood
U.A.E$10.620.8Chicken Shawerma
Pakistan$10.580.8Afghani Tikka
Mongolia$11.610.7Powerful Pizza
Ireland$11.720.7Canadian Supreme
Sri Lanka$10.890.7Spicy Veggie with Paneer
Bahamas$12.990.6Banana Pepper Pizza
Colombia$13.180.6Bacon & Plum
US$13.990.6Backyard BBQ
Canada$13.590.6Chicken Caesar
Cyprus$13.600.6Cyprus Special
China$14.730.5Durian Pizza
Korea$18.360.4Bacon Potato
Sweden$18.310.4Garlic Shrimp
Japan$18.530.4Juicy Thick Teriyaki Chicken
Hong Kong$20.390.4Thousand Island Seafood

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