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Top 100 Stately Homes in the UK According to Instagram

As we start to move away from Covid restrictions, being able to fully enjoy the unique sights and indoor attractions of the UK has never been a more exciting prospect. If you’re thinking of heading off for a staycation this summer to take full advantage of the “new-found” freedom, why not consider visiting one of the UK’s magnificent stately homes?

From Georgian townhouses to medieval castles, there’s no denying that the UK has a rich tapestry of grand architecture and picturesque gardens to choose from.

But, just how many stately homes are in the UK?

It’s estimated that at one time there were over 5000 stately homes with about 3000 of them remaining today. 

Many of these stately homes are open to the public, having been painstakingly restored and lovingly maintained by the likes of The National Trust – allowing you to really soak up the history and get a real sense of what the country was like in days past. Over the course of the pandemic, the tourism industry has suffered massively with many heritage sites having to close for extended periods of time. But as we start to re-emerge and sites such as stately homes are allowed to reopen, it’s really bought to light just how important making the most of our surroundings really is!

Andy Beer, Director of Operations at the National Trust says: “Our houses have been closed and treasured collections haven’t been seen for some time. But a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes. As a result of some of the changes we’ve had to make during the last year, we have looked at new ways to present and share places and their individual stories. For example, by introducing guided tours to bring them to life, as we have done for years with places like the Beatles’ houses and the Back to Backs. These tours will, we hope, give visitors a more in-depth experience and a personal welcome.”

With so many beautiful sites to visit, you might struggle to decide where your next jaunt should take you. Would you prefer a quieter, less well known stately home? Or would you like to immerse yourself in the grandeur of a stately home that’s world famous? 

So, we thought we’d give you a helping hand and do a little research. And if like us you just can’t help getting your camera out to take a few snaps, you’re probably a big fan of Instagram. 

This got us thinking… What are the most Instagrammable stately homes in the UK? 

Using hashtag data, we were able to find out which UK stately homes are the most popular according to Instagram. And while it’s probably no surprise to see the likes of Buckingham Palace place well, there were certainly some surprises! So, if you’re looking for some new photography inspo or you just fancy visiting somewhere different, check out our findings below…

Top 10 Most Instagrammed Stately Homes in the UK

Buckingham Palace – 1,311,422 tags
Windsor Castle – 397,405 tags
Kensington Palace – 396,542 tags
Somerset House – 249,197 tags
Longleat – 236,916* tags
Blenheim Palace – 160,513 tags
Hampton Court Palace – 140,727 tags
St Michael’s Mount – 122,345* tags
Chatsworth House – 109,369 tags
Warwick Castle – 109,316 tags

Whilst you’d probably expect the royal residences to dominate the top 10, it’s great to see the coastal island gem of St Michael’s Mount getting the love that it deserves, as well as the Peak District favourite, Chatsworth House… Even beating out tourism hotspots Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter) and Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) to a coveted place!

We hope our list of the best stately homes in the UK according to Insta has inspired you to get out there and enjoy some of the heritage our beautiful country has to offer. After what has been a very trying year for us all, we’re certain each of the locations listed can’t wait to welcome you!


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