How to Fireproof Your Home

Fireproof your home infographic


Renovating and decorating your home is one thing, but protecting it is a whole different ball game.

Fires are something that a lot of people think would only happen to other people and don’t prepare for the worst until it’s already too late. Wait! We’re not looking to scare you; just make you aware of some of the great steps you can take to prevent a fire breaking out or spreading through your internal bi-fold doors and throughout your house.


Install smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms are present in most houses, but making sure they’re checked and working every two months is something most people fail to do. It’s essential that you check these – they’re a life saver, literally.

When choosing your flooring, be sure to use wooden flooring or fire-resistant carpets as opposed to wool and synethic carpets, as fire will spread much more quickly with the latter.

If you have any rugs, they should be treated with a high quality fireproof chemical.

Candles make a lovely decoration in any room, lifting the atmosphere and ambiance dramatically. However, you should always be careful with a naked flame burning in any room.

If you are leaving a room – even for a brief period of time – you should always extinguish a candle, especially if you have pets or small children. A great idea is to swap candles for infused bamboo.

Speaking of pets, make sure you never leave them alone in a room unattended if young or untrained; they could play with electrical goods, damage them, or even urinate on them. Ew.

Ensure that you always tidy up your clutter: old papers, clothes and toys can easily be accumulated in a home. If a fire was to break out, these cluttered piles would be a disaster.

Remember to turn off all electrical appliances at the wall when they’re not in use. As well as massively decreasing the likelihood of a fire breaking out, this will also save you a small fortune on your energy bills!

If, when using an electrical appliance, you notice that the cord or cabling is no longer in good condition then you should look to replace it right away. Also be wary of putting too many plugs into one place; you don’t want to overload a circuit.

If you are a smoker, be wary when sitting – or especially lying down – as you can drop it or accidentally press it against your furniture, which can start a blaze. Ensure cigarettes are always stubbed out completely in an ash tray, and splash with a bit of water to ensure that no embers remain.

Remember to have a fire extinguisher handy – preferably both upstairs and downstairs in your home – in an easy-to-access place.

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